Friday, June 5, 2020

One More Trip to Nismo Omori Factory... (Is this becoming an addiction?!)

So despite having had my car at Nismo Omori for a few months (conveniently while my house was being rebuilt) last year and getting the Nismo Omori Factory Chassis Refresh done, upon getting the car home earlier this year I realized there were a few more things I had to get done.

Ok... truth is I had to let my wallet recover for a few months before allowing them to do any more work!

This time, being that the car's bi-annual shaken is due in June, and in order to keep the car street legal, I decided to go ahead and have Nismo Omori take care of it this year. Turns out they are much closer in both distance and time to my house than Nissan Prince Tokyo Motorsports Factory as well as BeAmbitious, both places where I have had the shaken done before.  The fees and taxes are the same whoever does the work.  More importantly, I wanted Nismo to take care of a few things I didn't have the budget for last time.
Was nice to get the car out of the garage! Note the slightly overcast skies... better hurry before it rains!
First order of business - tires. Yes, ever since getting new tires back when I had the R35 brakes installed by Ninomiya-san at BeAmbitious back in November 2011(!!), I've had these Yokohama AD-08Rs.  Without even looking at the code on the sidewall, that means these tires are at least 9 years old!

Definitely time to change out for new tires. Stay tuned for what I decided to get!

Second, time to send in the Ohlins DFV (now called Road and Track) to be rebuilt (every 20,000km or 2 years). Last time I had them rebuilt was back in 2016.  This is actually fairly inexpensive, because I have chosen to keep everything the same, just renewed. Given the Chassis Refresh, I wanted to make sure that EVERYTHING - tires, coilovers, and bushes - are all new. I was suitably impressed with the result after the Chassis Refresh, but can't wait to experience how the car is when everything suspension related is new!

So those of you who are Nismo fans know that Nismo released their own Ohlins DFV coilovers back in March.  As far as I can tell, the only big difference to the original Ohlins spec is that the Nismo spec is a bit softer and thus a bit more street oriented (Nismo:  8.0(F)/8.0(R) kgf/mm; Ohlins original: 9.0(F)/8.0(R) kgf/mm).  I doubt I'll feel that much of a difference...

Parked and next in line for service - note the plastic cover on the steering wheel. Wouldn't want to get grease on the leather!
Weird how the color is different from inside at this angle...
What else? Well there are a few other things that need to be taken care of. Since they predict I will get the car back around the end of July (!), I will discuss some of those items in my upcoming posts. Stay tuned!

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