Saturday, June 22, 2019

Dropping My Car Off at Nismo Omori Factory!

Remember how I described in my last post how I had to get the paperwork fixed? Well, I figured I might as well for a reason that will be clear in an upcoming post, which has almost nothing to do with my car.  So I took the car to my go to guy, Ninomiya-san at BeAmbitious a few weeks after meeting with Takasu-san, and then 2 weeks later Ninomiya-san called me to tell me it was all done.

So, I called back Takasu-san about our previous conversation and he offered that his guys could take a close look at my car - do a complete shakedown by first replacing all the fluids, then test driving, after which Nismo technicians would come up with a list of things that could be improved, repaired or perfected.


So, I took a morning off and picked up my car from BeAmbitious...

Damn this car looks good!
 And then drove over to Nismo. Found a spot open next to a classic:

 And then went inside where I met up with Takasu-san again - apparently Omori Factory is currently FULL with customer cars - they were doing me a favor to accommodate me.  After some pleasantries he had Ochiai-san, the guy who would probably actually work on my car, take me outside to inspect my car.

Here is Ochiai-san explaining my car's body rigidity to my friend Takashi who picked me up from Nismo
Ochiai-san had some interesting things to say about the choice of injectors on the Mine's engine - he immediately saw that the injector sizes were 600cc, and not the 555cc (pink color) ones he would have recommended.  Said that larger injectors might cause excessive gas to be injected - which yes I knew - and that too much could result in fouled exhaust gases leading to premature failure of the catalytic converter. Which is spot on - or at least the fact that the HKS cat didn't seem to last long, on both occasions I've installed one since the Mine's engine.

He also didn't like the Garage Defend panel, saying that it prevented the snorkel from getting enough air into the engine.  I explained this one was for looks only and that I had in fact, developed my own panel with ram-air. And that my friend Tom had also made a nicer version and actually recorded a difference in air temperature!

Along with this mod and the other things he saw I had done, he was impressed - it sounds like most R owners in Japan that bring their cars to Nismo don't work on them too much....

In any case, I am on pins and needles as I wait to get the phone call... and then hopefully some very good news and not much bad news... we shall see. I told them I was in no rush.

Which means people visiting Nismo Omori Factory over the next few weeks might see something like this:

Thanks to my friend Matt B who's visiting from the UK and dropped into Nismo! Will have to catch up in person next time!!


Anonymous said...

600cc is not that much flow. With the stock ECU it is pretty simple to rescale the ECU up to 880cc injectors (2x stock flow).

The problem is likely that your injectors are just very old school. Atomization, spray pattern, and dynamic range have improved greatly on modern injectors like Denso UC and Bosch EV14. I would avoid using the Nismo/JECS 555cc drop-in injectors, the R35 OEM injectors would probably be ideal for you, especially with 3.5-4 bar fuel pressure instead of the factory 3 bar.

Aki said...

Definitely, agree that the injectors are old school. Most Japanese tuners stick to old school, although most now have jumped on the R35 injectors as well as other multi-hole units. Truth be told I have the parts for that upgrade, just never got around to it...

Anonymous said...

I suspect R35 injectors, MAFs, and coilpacks will be a substantial upgrade in driveability. Even with the stock dwell settings the R35 coils seem to deliver a lot of energy. If you use a standalone ECU with programmable dwell settings you can deliver pretty incredible amounts of power to the spark plugs. To my knowledge Omori is doing all of those things. If it's worth the expense is another question in my mind but I'm a pretty value-oriented person.

I think the main value from Omori will likely be their more experienced ECU tuners. They will know better about how to best set things up in the ECU to balance between power and longevity, etc...

Jason said...

Hi there, fantastic blog!

Would it be possible to email me the R33 brochures and documents as many of the pictures don't work anymore on your pages unfortunately.

Many thanks in advance!

Jason said...

Please would you be able to email me the R33 brochures and documents Aki? Thank you