Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Now, an R33 Skyline GT-R Facebook Page

Well, it was bound to happen. It's so easy - relatively brainless, actually - to post to Facebook. And I'm always coming across little bits and pieces that just don't quite make these pages. So I decided to make a Facebook page dedicated to R33 GT-Rs.

Please check it out and "like it" if you DO like it!

Otherwise please send me a PM and tell me what's wrong, how it can be improved, etc. I'm also hoping that some of you can send in some original photos that we can post on the page!   With some help from everyone, I'm sure we can make it the premier R33 GT-R Facebook page (although at this point, probably the only? LOL).

At the moment, another active R33 GTR blogger, Matt from Project BCNR33 , my buddy Neal (a fellow BCNR33 owner here in Japan) and John Chu from GTRCanada.com are helping me get the page up and running. Thanks guys!  We've been sorting through material, and the more original, the better! In fact, our policy is that we will not normally post things unless we have permission to do so or the items are in the public domain. Too many car related website/pages do that, and I'd like to be able to showcase the R33 without crossing that line.

Finally - anyone else who's got the time and access to some great material, please let us know if you might be interested in being an administrator for the page!

Enjoy and see everyone out there!



"Oyagi" said...

Great idea on setting up the FB R33 page, and thanks for having me on board.

Aki said...

Thanks John (Oyaji... perfect?!) It's an honor to have true car guy like you on board, really. Lucky I'm (barely) on the GTRCanada page!