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Nissan OEM Options for the 1995 R33 GT-R, Part 1

Well as I suspect most of us did not purchase our cars new from the dealer in Japan (maybe some of you were lucky to buy new in the UK?), we had little say in how our cars were optioned, either from the factory or at the dealership.  Recently, I’ve had a couple of people (R33 friends, of course) ask me about certain optional parts on the R33…which inspired me to dig into some old catalogs I happen to have, to find the OEM Options Catalog for the Series 1 R33 GT-R (stay tuned for reviews on the Series 2 and Series 3 option catalogs).

To be accurate, this catalog is for all of the 1995 R33 cars, GT-R, 2 door coupe, and 4 door sedan, and list various parts and other bits that the dealer would have installed (or convinced you to buy – hey dealers are dealers, anywhere in the world – anything to make money).  So even though the catalog is a good 26 pages long, only a few pages exclusively contain options only for the GT-R, which means that, in order to really figure out what parts COULD end up on our cars, I had to review the entire catalog and include, for discussion, any other parts that did not say “excludes GT-R.” (which, by the way, covers the majority of the parts – every time you see “GT-R除く“)

I’ve gone ahead and scanned in the entire catalog, HERE.  Maybe there is something interesting in there for you. I was not interested in the couple of pages with roof racks and 1990s tech stereos, for example…

Also, just to note this catalog is what the dealers offered as NISSAN parts. There was a separate catalog for NISMO parts. Of course I will hunt these down for a future post.

Anyway, in order to keep it simple, this post will highlight options for the EXTERIOR only and for the 1995 GT-R.  My next post will be for interior options.

Exterior Options Exclusive to the GT-R:
Page 1-2 – “Carbon” – Two carbon options were offered – an intercooler air guide, and an all carbon, rear spoiler blade.  The intercooler air guide I think works only with standard sized intercoolers (at least that is the description) so if you run a larger, thicker intercooler some clever rigging might be needed.

Note that the spoiler blade has a built in “lip” that the stock blade does not. This is a Gurney flap. Google it, there are lots of explanations out there why this is better than a standard flat spoiler.

Page 3-4 – “Driving” – well these are your more typical options.  I think almost every GT-R I’ve seen has the floor mats, so it’s surprising these were an extra pay option.

You can tell the technology and fashion of the time by the types of options. Who in their right mind (now) would want a set of foglights that required 4 separate housings?  And the gold plated GT-R emblem… well, let’s just say I don’t see many of those.

But those “Rear Side Protectors” (the spats on the rear bumper) are a worthwhile option – I have those on my car… and arguably, so is the “Hood Top Mole” which I believe uses the Bernoulli principle to actually force more air under the hood.

Other than these items, it appears that all other options available for the GT-R were those also available for the standard R33.  For example, on pages 9-10 – the only options that were available on these pages applicable to the GT-R are the bicycle/ski/roof racks, but I have never seen a GT-R with these fitted. Has anyone?

Then on pages 13-14 – again we have the gold GT badges. Honestly not my cup of tea, but they actually might look pretty good on a black or red car?

For those who really want to MAKE CLEAR TO OTHERS THAT THEY ARE DRIVING A SKYLINE, why not apply the gigantic rear window sticker?  You know, in case the guy following you can’t make out the small Skyline lettering under the trunk lid – after all you DO want to make sure the guy isn’t riding on your bumper trying to make out what brand of car that is.  And for night – why Nissan also offered an “Electro Luminescent” (EL”) Skyline “rear finisher” (as seen on the red car, page 13). So as you pull away at speed, people can see the electro-blue lighting between the red afterburners. Hmm….

And then of course, some “practical” items such as door edge guards. If I had these on my car, then I would not have had to install those foam pads on my garage wall (really!).

I’ll finish this post with a quick overview of the “Safety” items offered on pages 15-16. Nissan brags about having the “World’s First” “Holographic Marker” system.  Apparently, you look through the loop thing that is mounted on your dash, and the projection unit mounted on the roof of the car does its thing, which is to have 2 poles -one green, one orange - appear at the right front corner of your car.  This helps you park, without having to install those annoying antenna like things as depicted on page 16.  Speaking of parking and safety - the bumper mounted corner sensors on the top of page 16 - the front units were not available for the GT-R, but apparently the rear ones were. Anyone have this on their car?

The other items that were available for the GT-R is the auto dimming mirror on page 16.  The ones available now are more advanced, with compasses and garage door openers built in for example, but the mounts are different. Hence I guess if we REALLY want one of these, we are stuck with one of those older units?

Anyway, there are other items, most of them are pretty obvious, but if you have questions on any of them, feel free to drop me a line in the comments section. Stay tuned in a few days for an overview of the interior options!

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