Saturday, May 12, 2012

Nissan OEM Options for the 1996, 1997 R33 GT-Rs

Following up from my previous two posts which covered the exterior and interior options available for the 1995 R33 cars (with emphasis on the GT-R, of course), I managed to get ahold of the catalogs for the 1996 and 1997 R33 cars (and my apologies for the one page scans, my home scanner does one page at a time only, will try to find a larger scanner soon).

Let’s start by looking at the 1996 catalog.
On the pages exclusive to the GT-R (pages 7-10), two new options – a carbon fiber shift knob, and a new exhaust from Nismo. Everything else, we've seen before in the 1995 catalog.

On pages 11-12, the large picture shows an optional carbon fiber look dash panel.   Also note the slide out LCD navi/TV screen. It says not available for the GT-R, though…

For the 1997 Catalog, I chose to focus on what was newly available for the GT-R only (because there didn’t seem to be anything new for the non GT-R cars… really!), namely the Nismo oil cooler package
(with the asymmetrical ducting), and the Momo steering wheel with airbag.

As a bonus, the guy who sold me the catalog on Yahoo Auctions included this:

Forged aluminum wheel sold by ALTIA - or actually, as it was known then, "Nissan ALTIA" as it was a subsidiary of Nissan.  Back then, ALTIA was involved in racing and had various aftermarket GT-R parts, but now is essentially a parts/tools manufacturer.

Time moves on, I guess.  I'll try to hunt down some old Nismo catalogs, that might be interesting... but for now... finally back to some new parts for my car! Stay tuned!


Kunal said...

Very informative, looks like I have the optional shift knob coming with my GT-R, looks identical!

Sean Morris said...

Igor from Automotive Forums bought the Altia R34 GT-R Super Taikyu race car. It ended up running a couple of World Challenge races here in the US.

Aki said...

Kunal - rare enough, I don't see them much on Yahoo Auctions, and when I do they are in horrid shape.

Sean - good to know that at least one of these Altia cars ended up in good hands... I wonder what happened to the R33 though :(


jdmvip said...

Awesome. You certainly don't see ads for cars like this anymore... they really don't "make 'em like they used to".