Monday, May 14, 2012

At Long Last...

So it's taken me almost 7 years (I've been procrastinating ever since I bought my GT-R) and less than $100 (US), to finally get the license plate I always wanted.  Unoriginal, perhaps, but what else could I have done?

In Japan, certain personalized numbers are granted only by way of a lottery system. Lucky numbers like "55" and "88 88" for example. And, for some reason, "33" ... but NOT "32" or "34" or "35".... huh? So it wasn't as simple as going down to the department of motor vehicles and filling out an application. That was the last step. First, I had to "win" the lottery for this number - and that took 3 tries, at 2 week intervals. Then, in Japan, you have to show proof of all of your past addresses if the number plate you are applying for replaces one which was registered at a different address. Oh, and I also had to have the police come over and issue a verification that I have a parking spot!

Anyway, my tuner volunteered to go through the paperwork nightmare and took care of this for me at minimum cost and hassle to me.

What do people think?


Anonymous said...

Nice one.
Mine is Rb2633.
A custom plate is a simple and nice customizing option and in some countries really cheap (I paid 50€ + to get it)

Aki said...

Agreed - back home I think it's $20...and obviously easier when you can mix numbers and letters.

I presume you are in the UK then?


95 993 said...

Dude! I still think of you when I see a black G35 with scraped wheels!

Still driving my '95 993 in Honolulu.

Ibo said...

No, mate.
I am from Luxemburg. Same name here as on the White BCNR33 V-spec.

My plate was only my 4th choice that got granted all the others were taken (probably not by Gtr owners).

Again nice blog :tumbup:


Aki said...

Sorry about that Ibo - for some reason your post was labelled as "anonymous" so I had no idea who you were...

@95 993... while that is a lovely car, AND while yes I have lived in Honolulu, I never had a black G35 there... I think... LOL

Gareth said...

Nice! I love your 33! i have a silver 25t. wish i could upgrade to a GT-R but alas i can't afford one (certainly not when i'm trying to save for my first home) i was recently debating whether or not to either spend abit of money on my car for around 250Kw atw or to sell it and use the money (plus the upgrade money) and get a R33 GT-R. Unfortunately the laws here in Victoria Australia make selling a modified car quite a hassle plus it's really a 'buyers market' out there for old skylines (GT-R's included) i can't bare to part with mine for less than a good price so guess i'm just gonna have to keep it and dream about having a GT-R one day.

Love your blog. can't find much enthusiasm for 33's and i have to admit i wasn't much into them myself but now i have had two (first was a really sweet and quick gts25) i really like the 33.

Keep up the good work!

Aki said...

Hi Gareth,

Thanks very much for the kind words! I think you are doing the right thing, don't know about Oz but in the US, houses appreciate in value, cars do not...

The 25t is a great car in itself - in fact all of the R33 coupes were, despite having to share various components with other Nissan cars of the time. So it's up to us as owners who appreciate our cars, to show the world how good these cars really are!

Please also visit the new Facebook page ( )
If you haven't already, you are more than welcome to post photos of your car if you have any good ones (as soon as I chose the name for the blog, realized I should have made it a point to include non GT-R owners as well... sorry!)

Let me know if there is something you'd like for me to research, will do so if it's R33 related! LOL

Stay in touch!