Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Yes, I Am Still Here... Check Out My Latest Addition to my Tool Collection!

 So yeah, over a month and no new blog post? Perhaps a record, but not to worry we should have some fun stuff coming soon in May.

Meanwhile - I have been super busy at work - the end of the financial year in March, and the beginning of the new fiscal year in April, means a lot is going on. But not enough to stop me shopping for tools on Amazon!

Here is my latest doo-dad for my garage/working on my car.  Made by TONE, the Japanese tool maker, I think this something I should have gotten when I FIRST started working on cars.  Or at least on car engines.

Ok so what you say. Looks like one of those flexible tool grab things.

TONE calls this their PT02 - 615mm length, with 4 claws that grab small parts.

But that's not all. I already have one of those from another company. This one has a magnetic tip!

As well as an LED light at the end, so you can see into dark engine recesses.

Works even when you manage to block the end with a washer.

So yes when I am too busy to enjoy the car, I am doing research on stuff that I can use ON the car. Tools are one such category, but so are detailing and cleaning supplies.  This particular tool was a cheap and easy one, but right now I am looking into some somewhat expensive gadgets for my garage. Stay tuned! 

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Anonymous said...

That magnetic grabber is 100% mandatory for working on an RB26. I once lost a washer for the throttle linkage down the side of the engine. It took hours of searching before I finally felt it in the crack between the front diff/oil pan housing and the engine block. Even after finding it I had to use a very thin pick to scrape it out.