Wednesday, February 10, 2021

And the Goodies Continue... Truly Honored! (Part 1)

Another day, and another large box from Hannah-chan at Trust Kikaku!  (This one, from a certain "Mr. E" who lives in the UK. Thank you, very much appreciated!)

Completely unexpected and then I open it up to find...
I was excited! Finally some food from Trust Kikaku, in the form of 6 cups of Asari clam miso soup! Alas, it was only an empty spacer box...

I guess I was hungry when I opened the box, as my eyes immediately went to this miso soup cup box.  But then I saw something wrapped in plastic:
Something heavy at the bottom, with the oh so familiar Nismo warranty card

I was surprised to find this all wrapped up on the bottom.

So all the fans and friends sending me stuff have done a great job of researching my blog/guessing what Nismo parts I do not have. Bingo! Ever since I bought the car, I have NOT bought the Nismo floor mats, having preferred the OEM ones that I try to take good care of. 

In fact, I found a near new complete set on Yahoo Auctions once, so I have that in storage for "show car" use.  The OEM ones I use on a normal basis, they are a bit worn but I bought some cheap clear vinyl ones that I lay on top. (my OCD at work)

With these Nismo ones, I can preserve these OEM mats that came with the car and get rid of those vinyl ones. Thanks!!!

Here is a comparison - as you can tell, my OEM driver's mat is starting to fray at the bottom.

Obviously the shape is a perfect replica. But the color isn't exactly the same shade of grey - more black? Further if I am being really picky, the OEM carpet seems more plush, that is the nap/fiber seems a tiny bit taller, while the nap/fibers on the Nismo one seems to be shorter, but denser, if that makes sense?

But the one improvement is underneath - the Nismo one, on top, has all these nice little rubber teeth that allow it to grip very very securely.

Of course, with my OCD, before I swap out the OEM mats for these Nismo ones, I have to apply some protection:
A waterproofing spray I picked up at the local DIY store -smells just like ScotchGuard

So a couple of quick but thorough sprays: 

With some focus on the driver's mat, since I figure that will be where most of the dirt will end up.

Looks better already!
Except yes, I refuse to remove the blue-tinged clear protection film on the logo...not yet anyway...


And after (sorry about the bad lighting...)

I should mention that the stitching color matches the red stitching I got on the leather interior, so definitely a bonus! (and yes, lots of dust there have to clean that up soon!)

But guess what. The Nismo mats were NOT the only thing in the box... I'll post up soon what the other item was!


Anonymous said...

I finally got my R33 imported and I'm working through all the little issues right now that were missed on the restoration. Your cigarette lighter photo in that shot is very different from the part on my R33 GTR which has both a non-functional cigarette lighter and one that just pulls right off the center stack instead of staying in place. Is your part OEM? If so I may have to take that apart and get a new one...

Aki said...

ah yes, the little details - awesome, happy to see another dedicated owner like myself! Mine is not working either, but I DO believe the guys at Nismo ordered the OEM piece. Supposedly next time Nismo Omori can take my car in, they will get the wiring hooked up again.

Not sure what you mean by pulling off the center stack? Send me a photo to my hotmail account - aitoh@ followed by the