Sunday, May 24, 2020

I Couldn't Stand It Anymore So...

I yanked out the overly complicated 2-DIN Pioneer Carrozzeria "Cyber-Navi" navigation/multi-media (AVIC-CZ900-M) entertainment system that was installed at Worx a few years ago.

From: Pioneer Website
As most of you know, I have never been really content with the device. Not only is it overly complicated, but every time I drove there was this annoying "BEEEEP" that would sound every 2 minutes, which I couldn't figure out how to turn off.  Maybe part of the front camera-based forward car tracking system, which I never used once I checked it out. Better to keep your eyes on the road than rely on some system to tell you a car is entering your lane or you're about to rear end someone!

Additionally, since our phones can now provide nearly-as accurate navigation (although not being linked to the car's electronics means no functioning in long tunnels) no need for a 2 DIN system or a 1 DIN with a motorized screen that flips out.  This means I can now pursue the best audio deck, period, although I see from recent research that most manufacturers are making fewer 1 DIN units.  But I think I will move back to a regular 1 DIN in order to get the HVAC unit back under the 3 gauges.

I'm hoping that I won't have to replace the StP sound deadening
Finally - I wanted to refresh my memories on how the current speakers sound - the Morel Tempo 602s.  They get very good reviews online, although I see that most people usually have them set up with a dedicated amp - which my car doesn't have.  Unfortunately the damn CyberNavi wouldn't turn on, even after I replaced a blown fuse, so I gave up one last listen, at least with this CyberNavi.

Once again, have to remove the dash surround...
But then remove 3 bolts and voila!
It's hard to describe how heavy and dense this CyberNavi feels.  Must be packed with various electronics. No wonder there's an actual fan on the back.
HDMI in/out... I guess useful if you have a monitor for the rear seats
And another problem
In removing the CyberNavi, it's apparent that another challenge will be to sort out and remove all the unnecessary wiring. I am hoping that Nakamura did not try to reinvent the wheel and used the existing harness for the stereo and speakers, although seeing some wrapped non-OEM wiring leading out the back I'm not optimistic on that one.  You can see the orange arrow points at the OEM loom for the HVAC unit, so I suspect the OEM stereo loom also would be wrapped in black electrical tape.  As for the green arrow, I think it's supposed to be sound deadening/heat reduction (there is some in the back too), which I will keep so long as it doesn't interfere with air circulation behind the new stereo/HVAC unit.

Anyway - next steps will be head unit, amp, and speakers selection. For speakers, my biggest dilemma is whether to go with a coaxial 6.5 inch in both doors, or try to go with components again. At this time, I am leaning to keeping it simple and go coaxial, but if I DO go with components, where to mount the tweeters? Door mirror sail panels, or A-pillars again? Time for some research... any suggestions would be most welcome!


Anonymous said...

The retrofit ADAS stuff is the worst, I have it on my dashcam and I turned it off basically as soon as I could.

Anonymous said...

you drove the car constantly with a beep every 2 minutes? how could you stand that?!

Aki said...

Yep, that ADAS is horrible. And yes a beep every 2 minutes or so... and that's the point, I couldn't stand it which is why I removed the deck! lol.

Mot said...

Keep the components.
Get suitable tweeters for the a pillar.
Retrim pillar (by Robson for example) to a nice color/finish.

If you really want a nice sound and enough loudness/volume, you would to fit an amplifier for your stero though.