Monday, February 17, 2020

Meanwhile at NISMO Omori Factory...

So finally - an update on the actual work being done at NISMO Omori Factory. Takasu-san and Ochiai-san were kind enough to arrange for some photos to make their way to me.
No wheels, no suspension, no drivetrain...
As you may recall, I was NOT happy with how my car was left outside for (probably) the good part of a half year near the Pacific Ocean by Worx Autoalarm. Not only was that not good for the paint, but also the undercarriage as well.  So what I have had Nismo do over the past few months is to take a painstakingly close look at everything on the underside of the car, remove rust, re-protect and then replace parts that had become rusted as well.
From this angle, looks pretty clean!!
Front axle area. Some rust removed and fresh undercoating applied. Interesting as the undercoating isn't black...
Rear axle area - dangling Ohlins and all!
My diffuser and the old rear subframe stacked up in back. Wonder whose OEM wheels those are though
All the parts taken off my car, starting with the wheels up there in the front
Here's a closer look...driveshaft is nearly new of course...
Note they wrapped the Brembo calipers in white plastic to prevent the paint from getting accidentally scratched. I also see some banged up Nismo bracing - I'm inclined to replace any worn ones with new ones. Likely easier and quicker than getting the old one repainted and then the bushes replaced.

Look at this.  Not sure whether to be mad at Nismo for not making these parts more rust resistant, or whether the salt winds near WORX (as they are literally several dozen meters from the ocean) accelerated the rust. Unacceptable!
I'm debating whether to bother with reinstalling a new set of these NISMO Rear Member Braces back on, or live without them.  I recall that when they first came out, Koyama-san at Nissan Prince Tokyo Motorsports Factory told me that these would have a detrimental effect on lap times on the track. When I mentioned it to the guys at Nismo... apparently others have also mentioned/asked about Koyama-san's theory at Nismo.  But anyway I'm debating because if I don't plan to track it in the future...?
The old front axles
Another problem, according to Takasu-san, was that the old front axles needed to be serviced, but they were proving to be difficult to take apart (seized assembly?). In fact taking them apart and servicing would cost MORE than simply getting a rebuilt part and using that.  So he had gone ahead and ordered rebuilts, but wanted my Ok to use them.

Here is Takasu-san unboxing the rebuilts
Have to say these look just as good as brand new. And cheaper? Oh yes.
There were some other items that Nismo got creative on (with my permission), which I will describe in upcoming posts.  
I like how even though they won't be touching the interior, they still use protective covers on the steering wheel and seats. No way I can even accuse them of leaving dirt on any interior surface!
I just noticed the industrial grade carpet under the car. Might have to do this too...
So, I am happy to report that FINALLY, the car is one step closer to being returned to me. Although yes the timing has worked out perfectly for me. By telling them not to rush the work, my car was kept in a safe place while my house was rebuilt. Now, the next step is to have the garage floor coated in an epoxy coating, after which begins the hunt for functional and good looking garage cabinets. Let me know if you have any ideas! (I'm thinking glossy white garage floor but with gray steel cabinets. Boring?)


Patrick said...

Hi Aki, I would go with the floor color like the Omori Factory and red cabinets. Would match the best with your car.

Anonymous said...

A white or blue floor will be pretty good at seeing whatever stains are on the coating. You actually want to be able to see those things, it really sucks to have a brown coating that hides oil leaks.

For cabinets you probably want to just have whatever hides dust. But otherwise it's whatever looks good to you/your partner.

Jason said...

What suspension are you using please? Do you recommend them?

Aki said...

Patrick and Anonymous, thanks!

Jason - Ohlins DFV (now called Road and Track). Definitely would recommend!