Thursday, October 24, 2019

Final Visit to NISMO OMORI Before The Work Begins...

So yeah another update...on my way back from the Tokyo Motor Show 2019, where I had been invited to the Opening Ceremonies (not worth it...), I stopped by Nismo Omori Factory.
You should have seen the confused looks from people in the parking lot...
Today they happened to be displaying this monster machine which I LOVE.

Anyway, after Takasu-san got off the phone he called me over and we discussed what we needed to do for my car. Details to follow in an upcoming post because I have a few R33 tidbits I want to share in this post first.

A couple of posts ago, my friend Ale had sent over a couple of photos of the new prototype carbon fiber air inlet Nismo Omori was developing for their show car. Naturally, I asked Ochiai-san to let me take a closer look.

First, I asked why the half shroud slam panel. As I guessed in the previous post, indeed this is to let air into the snorkel. Ochiai-san claims that most slam panels effectively prevent adequate air flow from going into the snorkel. Obviously I have my ram air idea and Ochiai-san agreed that, like the built in scoop found on the BNR34 carbon bonnet, it would help as well.  Personally, I think it's a cleaner solution but heck I'm not in the business of giving them too many new ideas... lol.

As for this piece, the large hump is indeed to clear the radiator bolt mount, and it was shaped and formed like that as it's the easiest (and thus cheapest) way to do so.

I felt back there and there is nothing there, in that the carbon fiber smoothly wraps around where my index finger is. So everything behind what is visible is essentially open space.  So the hump isn't as intrusive as I thought. In fact Ochiai-san claims that, this piece allows more air flow than the OEM ABS part which has to be melted in places to allow for the Nismo air inlet pipes.

The reason for this odd shape - on the left side the snorkel is fairly low - is to allow for the OEM bonnet to shut closed.

If you remember this version:
courtesy of Speedhunters
This was apparently designed for use with the 400R bonnet. In any case I think I like the other one better.
Thanks for showing me the engine bays!
 We then walked over to my car to check out a couple of things. First, the alarm key fob was acting up, meaning they had to push my car around as sometimes they couldn't get the car to start. Second, as mentioned earlier they had noticed the longitudinal Do-Luck brace bars got very close to the jack up points and wanted to show me - apparently the area underneath that could use some cleaning/refreshing. The Do-Luck bars make it difficult to clean under that area.

Fooled me too! Same color, ALMOST the same wheels...
My car! Like meeting up with an old friend I hadn't seen in ages!
To get the car to start, Ochiai-san and Takasu-san had to hook up their portable battery jumper...

And then I had to walk them through the confusing menu on the key fob. But once sorted, I couldn't believe how smoothly the car started up! I was so excited to hear that familiar RB26 rumble again!
And maybe my excitement at hearing the car start up is why this photo is blurry...
Anyway - it was good to know that my car is in good hands. Apparently it's been there so long people are starting to ask questions, so it's good that the NISMO project will finally begin, scheduled for November 10.

So what work - well all I will reveal at this point is that it DOES involve new NISMO parts, as well as some rust removal. Where and how - well that is for your future reading pleasure!

Bonus photo of me grinning it up inside the Omori Factory... 


Anonymous said...

Really exciting to see what happens, cool update. I contacted Garage Yoshida to see if they're willing to take on the job of restoring my R33, hopefully I can have an R33 that I can be proud of as well.

Aki said...

Garage Yoshida does a good job too, I think. Hopefull without the NISMO tax. Share your before /after photos!

Anonymous said...

Hello Aki,

I have a question that maybe you can answer. In reference to the Omori Factory carbon Air cleaner duct (from the Speedhunters article). Does it exist or was it just a one-off part? I've never seen it for sale anywhere. Maybe they only have it for sale up at Nismo. If you remember can you inquire about it? I know you're up at the shop often. Thanks.

Andy said...

Hello, My name is Andy. Is there an email that you can be reached at? I would like to ask for some help/technical questions in my quest to restore my R33. Thank you

HKZilla said...

does anyone know what is the brand of the carbon air snorkel? it looks similar to the reinmax one but beefier
any info on that piece will be appreciated

Aki said...

Guys - sorry just saw these comments!

The small carbon one - I believe it was an experiment, as I have heard they are working on a new one. But who knows they play it close to the chest.

Andy, sure it's aitoh at hotmail dot com.

HKZilla - if you are talking about the large one with my hand in it - that's Nismo's for the BNR34.


HKZilla said...

yes that one with your hand in the opening, how come i dont see it in the catalog? or its not for sale?
how can i get ahold of one of those?

Aki said...

Actually my bad - that was the PROTOTYPE for the 33! Not in the catalog yet, but I will find out soon why!

Moods said...

Hi Aki
Thanks for your continued value to the R33 community. I was wondering if you happened to find out more about the prototype HKZilla asked about? Maybe an ETA on release? Perhaps one could jump on a pre-sale with you if you’re thinking of getting one?

Aki said...

Moods - trust me if Nismo decided to commercialize that prototype, I'd be one of the first to pick one up! But will ask about it next time I'm there! If I DO get one, I will see if we can reserve a few in advance, too!

And glad to be of service to the R33 community - a bunch of great people!!