Saturday, October 12, 2019

Typhoon 19 (Hagibis) Arrives... So What Do I Do?

Courtesy The Weather Channel
Well luckily, as my car is safe and dry over at Nismo Omori Factory, I'm not too concerned about the damage this typhoon is causing Japan. Although described as the "biggest storm in decades" - (with train service stopped and supermarkets closed!) so long as I have power and water, my family and I are safe. Plus, we don't live near any rivers and we are above sea level so I'm not worried about damage to my other car either.

So of course I've been watching YouTube and checking the web for car related stuff.  Especially R33 GT-R related items.  And was pleasantly surprised to see that my LM obsessed friend Steve has uploaded this very educational and well done video. I think I've seen a few similar ones from dealers, but those are always a bit suspicious (what are they trying to sell) and then by people who aren't long time R33 GT-R owners/fans as well as the annoying ones by "influencers."  I also find humorous those videos where people with no real driving experience give their "expert" opinions...Pfft...

Anyway - in Steve's case, he and his wife have TWO R33 GT-Rs, and one Kohki (series 3) which is likely one of the lowest mileage ones in the world. So, he's in a position to actually COMPARE back to back his higher mileage LM with his wife's KR4 Kohki.

Enjoy the video and check out his other videos, all very well done.

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