Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Interior Modernization Project, Part 10. Some Samples and Red Thread Plus Rear Vent Mod

In my previous post I mentioned that Cesar had a surprise for me.

Cesar sent me photos of some small pieces he decided he wanted to practice on.  Practice that is, using the leather, as well as some new glue he got?

He also found red thread that he thought matched the red accents in the car.  An FYI, this was about August 17 of last year, so as of this writing almost a year ago...

Anyway, I'll let the photos do the talking.
First up is the right side kick panel (next to the driver's right foot):
Right side kick panel
Close up of right side kick panel - that is LEATHER!!

One of the other pieces was something that TMS (The Moff Shop) hadn't sent along with the rest of the dashboard, the side panel to the transmission tunnel.

Cover for right side of transmission tunnel (to left of driver)
Close up of non-visible side
Close up, different section. You can see the leather pores!
Another piece was the left kick panel, where the mandatory road flare is mounted.
The attention to detail is nice. He didn't have to wrap the base of the flare holder!
The flare is usually mounted like this:
Sharp eyed readers will note that this is NOT your typical flare but rather the modern version.
Again this is hidden from view.
And this section connects to the side side kick plates.
I wonder how this will look on my car, as I have kick plates that light up now
He also did the steering wheel column cover:
You can see the rough edges of the leather where the ignition key surround is inserted.
The underside. Again not visible but wow. A shame really... I guess I can caress it with my knees when I drive? 
Top piece from the left side.
Put together. Cesar assured me that once screwed tight together the seams won't be as visible.
From the other side. 
Finally he sent me some photos of the red polyester string he plans to use for the stitching. As I had sent him the rear seat panels, I asked him to match the color to the red in the cloth inserts.
Looks VERY RED from a distance.
But close up, I'd say the color is spot on.
Compared with the leather, in order to see the contrast it will have with the black leather.
Meanwhile, I had located the perfect rear vent to install in the center console's rear ashtray space:
Can anyone guess what car this is from?
Looks like it won't fit, right? What with that metal plate and overhead plate as well:

But actually:

So I measured the space for clearance, and then the inner height of the vents. Looks possible. The vents are narrower than the width of the console, so that is not a problem. However, given the downward curve of the inner portion of the vents, looks like it can only be mounted one way...

I sent the vent to Cesar anyway. I figured that, worst case if it cannot be made to fit, we could just throw it out and not use it...

Meanwhile I got a notice that the alcantara I had ordered had finally shipped and was on its way to Cesar...

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