Friday, July 28, 2017

Interior Modernization Project, Part 11. Some MORE Parts...

In my last post, I mentioned that, while waiting for some Alcantara that I had ordered to arrive at Cesar's, I had sent him a vent to fit into the rear of the center console. But, I had also sent him some other parts - parts that most people might not bother with. But we probably both have OCD...

In his previous emails to me, as well as watching one of the videos, it became apparent that a few more parts and pieces would be needed for Cesar to have enough of the dashboard and center console, to be able to begin work on application of the leather.

So while it took a few days, I was able to find the pieces I needed (either buying used on line or taken from my car).   I also took advantage of the need to send another box, to pick up a few extra parts.

First, Cesar had insisted we needed to have those seat belt guides I had left on the car after sending him the rear seat side panels.
These seat belt guides were a pain to remove, as they required some strategic cutting
First, I wanted to show Cesar as to how these are attached to the inside of the B pillars.
Someone with a keen eye will realize there is no way to remove this piece unless I disassemble the entire seatbelt system.
Some cutting is thus needed - but where?
I used a grease pen to mark where the seatbelt lays - everything outside of this area is visible normally.
So once this is wrapped in leather, we can perhaps have a cut on the hidden inside to allow the seatbelt to pass through?
My thumb is hiding where I had to use my Dremel. Once cut, I slipped it off the seatbelt.

These are clips that Cesar said he needed, taken from my own car
From this area around the shift boot
So I found an OEM parking brake boot (made of pleather) [LEFT] and then my old Redline shift boot (to fit the 5 speed) [RIGHT]. Cesar had implied he was going to make some new ones...
...which is why I took this photo, to show how the Getrag has the collar that has to be pulled up and thus the Velcro closure.
I could definitely use new leather on the parking brake handle though. So I found this on Yahoo Auctions. I still need to drive my car around.
I don't want or need this wrapped in leather, but Cesar had told me a week earlier (18th) that he needed to have this piece in order to check to see his leather work wouldn't cause interference by being too thick,
and preventing this from snapping in.

As for the optional extras:
That's right! I want leather wrapped overhead grips. Just like on the Bentleys...
Clever as I was with those grips, I decided that, for the center console, we needed to modernize a bit.

In my last post I showed how I had found the perfect rear vent:
Why not? I can probably direct a hose from the A/C system... if not oh well. This is off an Aristo, by the way.
And I know it fits, too:
Ok so the console box has to be adjusted slightly but...
And here is what it looked like, all wrapped up and ready to be shipped out!

So it took a few days, but it finally arrived at Cesar's place on August 31st (Japan time). Meanwhile...


Anonymous said...

please update more often!

Aki said...

As you wish sir! Just posted an update!!