Sunday, May 3, 2015

Update: Ohlins DFV Height Adjustment

So about a week ago, I raised the height of the front coilovers (Ohlins DFV) of the car, 1.2cm.

I hadn't had a chance to drive the car, until now... and I'm happy to report that, while it seems that some of the inner fender rubbing has been reduced (I sometimes hear a slight rubbing, and I am seeing the duct tape start getting worn off), more impressively, the car's ride has gotten better, even though I didn't touch any of the settings!

So even though I am one mm away from the maximum recommended height (at 52mm, up from 40mm), something went right - maybe the springs are working better with the lower half extended those 12mm...

The problem still remains, however, on how I will rectify the inner fender scraping problem. If there was nothing behind the plastic I could simply use a heat gun and reshape (which I might try in some places) but for those areas where the chassis might be exposed, not sure.

In any case stay tuned... Tomorrow will post on something more interesting...


Unknown said...

Aki, when you get the time, measure the height from the bottom lip of the rim to the highest point on the wheel arch.

What I mean by that is, hook the measuring tape under the lowest part of the lip on your wheel , then run it up to the highest peak on the guard directly up and measure it in millimetres.

So like this:

マット said...

The Skyline's stock suspension setup has rather bad bump steer and worsens when the ride height is lowered. So it makes sense that you are experiencing better handling after raising the car's ride height.