Saturday, December 7, 2013

Tatsumi PA/Wangan Photos!

Professional photographer Mr. Wolfgang Groeger-Meier was kind enough to share the following photos from the photoshoot that I was invited to a few weeks ago.  Turns out some of these photos made it to print as well in the German weekly magazine Stern.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, not much for me to say except Danke Schoen to Wolfgang for sharing these photos.

check out the ghost-like delivery van in the

It was actually very, very cold. I'm trying to look warm when in reality I was FREEZING

With me in my car is Marcel, another German photographer...
...without whom I would not have accelerated or been in the right position for these photos. Thanks for the direction Marcel!


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Ibo said...

Hey mate,

Not only in the Stern, also in the Focus Magasin.

Beautiful pictures by the way

Ibo said...

Forgot the link,

Aki said...

Hi Ibo,

Thanks so much!! LOL

mooda442 said...

what a beautiful R33! Thanks for sharing this photos.

Aki said...

Thank you very much! Much appreciated!