Friday, November 22, 2013

Photoshoot at Tatsumi PA

Last Monday night, my good friend Dino Dalle Carbonare invited me to join him for a photo shoot. Turns out there is a delegation of German motor photojournalists in town, with world renown Japan based motorjournalist Peter Lyon showing them around! And they wanted to shoot a few nice GT-Rs! 

Anyway - I arrived at the PA at around 2045, and after answering questions about our cars we then got the cars lined up under the direction of the photographers.  Here are a few shots to show what they were doing (apologies for the iPhone night shots):

Turns out this gentleman shoots often for German magazine Auto Motor und Sport! So it will be interesting to see how these turn out. We ALSO drove along the wangan with him hanging out the window of Dino's car and Peter's van taking shots of us "racing" along the Yokohama bay bridge, etc.

When I get wind of the final photos, of course will share here! Thanks again Dino for the invite!

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