Saturday, June 16, 2012

Video: Tarzan Yamada Drives My Car to Demonstrate the Tarzan G-Box!!

Apologies for the delay in getting this up.

Tarzan Yamada drives my car at Honjo Circuit to demonstrate the difference between the standard "normal" Do-Luck digital G-sensor and his Tarzan G-Box.  I won't comment on the difference the G-Box makes, except to say that it is hard to understand the difference in the braking, because that really has to be felt.  But you CAN see how the car is more stable on this small circuit - although Tarzan does say that he can take the car to its limits better because he knows what the G-Box is capable of.

Anyway - if you've ever wondered what it's like to be sitting next to a pro who shows you what your car is truly capable of, let me tell you it is simply amazing! And, highly recommended... some of us (myself included) should spend more time and money improving our own driving skills, than trying to mod our cars to perfection...

And yes, I know my 3-4th gear is on its way out...

Some final thoughts about these new digital G-sensors, based on questions I have received since my first two posts:
1) The ATTESA computer is fine, and does not need to be upgraded or replaced.  Ito-san told me that "even the R32 ATTESA computer was way ahead of its time.  It is really a magnificent piece of work." There is a difference in the V-Spec and standard ATTESA computers (because the V-spec has the active rear LSD), but even the standard ATTESA is a superior product.  And remember the ATTESA computer not only gets input from the G-sensor, but also is wired into the car's engine ECU and ABS systems.

2) According to Ito-san, the "bottleneck" is the OEM G-sensor - especially if in an older car. The digital ones promise not only digital precision and no parts to wear out, but respond 30 times faster in the R32/R33, and 15 times faster in the R34.

3) Once the OEM G-sensor has been replaced with a digital one, the next area owners should examine is the transfer.  Ito-san told me that adding additional plates, torquing up the transfer, would reduce slip and get engine torque to the wheels even better.

4) As of this writing, there are 4 digital G-sensors on the market here in Japan.  Both Midori Seibi and Do-Luck have their "standard" replacement digital G-sensors, designed essentially to replace aging OEM units for a fraction of the price, and provide consistent inputs to the ATTESA.  This alone should bring back the ATTESA's capacity as if it were brand new.  Midori Seibi has their "Midori-Spec" -an all around more aggressive version, and Do-Luck has the Tarzan G-Box.  The Tarzan Box is the only one of these 4 that has been specifically "tuned" using input from a racing driver.  Tarzan Yamada spent months testing the unit out in varying conditions, roads and weather.

5) Naturally, people want to know if there is no need to even consider the standard digital G-sensors. I would say that if you are almost never on the track, then this version is fine and you don't need the Midori Spec or the Tarzan G-Box.  OR, if you are a purist and want to experience the GT-R as Nissan intended, the standard version is the one for you.  And, before people ask, I really don't have much if any experience with the Midori-Spec unit. The description states that it gets the torque to the front wheels more aggressively than the standard version, but I would have to drive on the track with one to give any kind of honest feedback.

6) Despite his racer reputation, Tarzan Yamada wants people to know that his "tune" is designed to make the cars easier and safer to drive fast, by anyone - you don't have to be a race driver to enjoy the benefits.

7) As of this writing, the only place to purchase the Tarzan G-Box is via Do-Luck, and in Europe, through my friend Wouter's company (See first post). Ito-san tells me he is working on increasing the number of dealers worldwide who will carry the product - and hints that Sumo Power will do so soon in the UK.

As always, if you have questions I would be happy to answer them. Leave a comment!

Hope everyone enjoyed the video!

Part 1
Part 2


マット said...

Thank you for the follow up video, Aki. Although I can't 'feel' the difference, I can see how the Tarzan G-Box makes the car more planted under various situations.

You're right about educating the driver. So much emphasis is placed on modifying cars, people often forget about driving skill. I've been to racing school twice, and it has helped me greatly in terms of finding the racing line, braking, etc. Definitely worth the money.

Oh, and I must say, your BCNR33 has awesome engine and braking power!

Aki said...

Hi マット,

Thanks for the accolades! I guess I should be happy with the car - and I am, generally...

I too have been to racing school - but time away from the track means I forget stuff. So need to figure out a way to keep the skills once learned... LOL.


マット said...

If I remember correctly, you have a Skip Barber patch on your racing suit? \(^_^)/

I agree it is hard for non-professional drivers to remember what they have learnt on track. I'm aiming for racing school once a year (if funds allow!) so I get a refresher on the things I've learnt.

Also, the next time I go to racing school, I'll be fitting a GoPro on the training car so I can record my progress and review what I've learnt.

You're lucky to be in Japan, having so many tracks available for practicing!

Aki said...

Yep that's right, took a few courses at Laguna Seca. Definitely do the racing school...

Japan has lots of tracks, yes, but so expensive to attend these track days! Virtual practice is good too, but sometimes you just have to FEEL what the car is doing...

Ibo said...

^Lol you right, was so busy this week with GT academy :D

True on the race schools, a bit less expensive here are some events on an airstrip (drifts, techniques). No real circuit but still good enough to legally take the car once in while to the limit (or the drivers limit). Living 50km from Germany helps too ;)

Best regards

Paul said...

Great writeup Aki!

I would be really keen to have this installed in my R34 one day!
Hopefully it's available in Australia sometime soon. :)

Aki said...

Ibo - yes you are right. We need to be responsible with our machines - I read too many stories about people getting into accidents, and they blame the car... seems no one wants to be accused of being a bad driver... or a bad lover! LOL

Thanks Paul - you are not the first from OZ that has said this - I will ask Ito-san about when we can expect availability of the units worldwide! OR maybe he needs to upgrade his system to handle international orders?

Duane said...

So thats how you drive a GTR! :) Just Epic!

Unknown said...

Amazing, how much of a difference going from the Do-Luck item to teh G-Box was VERY noticable, it makes the car look like it's almost driving the rears only all the time..... a natural turn in and steering motion.... the Do-luck was a rather 'painful' thing to watch as it was as though Yamada was fighting with the car rather than being 'one' with it.

I think I am sold on which one to go! great stuff Aki!

It is almost as though the 35 GTR brakes are too big for the front end of the 33... seems to make it bite then jump and skip like a 180sx with GTR brakes all round rather then a fluid 'halt' when applied. Have you kept the ABS? I would assume not by what I can tell?

Once again, great writeup, you have sold me on the g-box when I get around to upgrading.

Aki said...

Duane, yes. Except I think Tarzan was taking it easy! Could not believe how fast his shifts were though, car felt like an R35 in that regard.

Chris, thanks again for the kind words. I have kept the ABS unit actually, and I think what you saw was Tarzan's braking technique. When I slammed on the brakes, I could feel the ABS activate, the difference in braking ability mainly being no more tail wag (although since upgrading to the R35s in the back, there was lots less wag that with the stock set-up!). For me, the confidence of knowing I have these huge brakes that are designed to slow a much heavier car, is a huge bonus. Balance-wise I have not felt anything weird but will review the video again to see if I can spot what you are seeing (what is the time tag?)


Unknown said...

Hi Aki,

I was enjoy reading your blog especially on this G Box topic.

I bought myself a standard BNR34 and wanted to try out the Tarzan G box .

I want to ask, after installed the G box on the car will it harms the ATTESA or 4wd in long run?

Can it permanently installed?