Monday, September 18, 2023

Making Sure I'm Not Left Behind

I am talking about car cleaning and detailing techniques, of course.  Since I admittedly rarely drive the GT-R these days, I don't really get a chance to keep my skills up. 

On the other hand, my Lexus... 

So I found this interesting product, originally designed to be applied to cell phone screens to supposedly harden the glass to 9H. Thus obliviating the need for those thin plastic or glass screen savers. Not sure about that, but I recently was reviewing Minkara Parts Review and found several owners saying that this spray on product was helping protect those piano black finishes that are now popular in cars these days.

Of course, the GT-R doesn't have any piano black finish, but apparently this works on plastic in general, so if it doesn't make everything shiny, I might see how I could use this in the R33, at least on non-leather surfaces.

You can check out my impressions of this over at my other blog, at 

Don't tell the Lexus fans, but I am going to, in my spare time, start researching the latest on car detailing techniques and products, and practice on the IS-F.  Being a blue car with a clearcoat, I think this will be a good learning experience.   Interior-wise, it has leather and plastic, meaning I can practice on those materials too!

Stay tuned... yes I have some fun GT-R stuff coming up soon, just need to make a few phone calls...


jho96 said...

I'm pretty sure that spray is ceramic coating. It works to restore oleophobic coatings on screens and the like but I wouldn't trust it to fix scratches. Hope you're busy for the right reasons these days.

Aki said...

Joshua, hey thanks for commenting. Yep, pretty busy at work... and no end in sight. So most of my updates here will be small for the near future, but I will try to get back into the blog. Hope you are well too!

マット said...

Thanks for the product recommendation! I ordered this from Amazon JP, arrived last night. I used it on my phone over lunch break at work today. It won't remove light scratches on my phone screen, but after using it, the screen is very shiny and smooth! I still get fingerprints on the screen after touching it, but it's easier to wipe off afterwards.

I wonder if I should use it on the BNR34 MFD... hmm!