Friday, June 24, 2022

No More Nismo Parts!

I am done with Nismo! But only because, after my last visit back in May, I am pretty sure there is nothing left offered by Nismo or Omori Factory that I want to get installed on my car. I mean yes there are things I have not yet upgraded but I will likely get such parts from other manufacturers. Stay tuned!

How my car looked BEFORE the work this time

So what did I get done this time?  Well I have always wanted an aftermarket intercooler to replace the stock one.  There is nothing wrong with the stock one - after all it was designed to handle up to 600ps supposedly - but simply because I am trying to restomod my car so it has the most up-to-date technology and parts. Bonus, if a replacement part is stronger or lighter than the OEM part.  More bonus if it looks great too! But there are so many intercoolers offered by the aftermarket - ARC, HKS, Trust, etc. However all of these tend to be offered in a thickness of 100mm, up from the OEM 70mm size (ARC being an exception).

With regards to ARC - they offer two types in the OEM size for the r33 - their M073 (plates 3mm thick for claimed 88% efficiency) and M079 (plates 1.5mm thick for claimed near 100% efficiency). Since I want to stick to well known brands, with Made in Japan quality (and taking advantage of the recent weakness of the yen), I never considered any overseas brands, never mind Chinese brands like Mishimoto (I have trouble with anyone who tries to sound Japanese but are not because it implies they are trying to fool their customers who may assume Japanese level quality). And yes before anyone asks, I would consider the quality of parts coming out of Australia superior as well.  But I digress...

Anyway, Nismo recently released a new intercooler in 75mm thickness to supplement the 100mm thick model they have had available for some time. In addition to increased cooling efficiencies thanks to a more modern design (better flow etc), because it is 75 mm, there is no cutting of the bumper frame and bumper. AND, that also means that the OEM intercooler mesh screen which guards the intercooler from stone chips and other road debris, can be kept on. 

A closer look. Maybe the dark grill/intercooler looks good after all?

So let's take a closer look at this new Nismo part.  You can find it listed in the 2022 Nismo catalog here.

And yes, the welding is sloppy - hence why it's a display model

As you can tell from the catalog specs, the only difference between the 100mm and 75mm thick versions is the thickness. Width and height are the same, along with the internal construction, which is bar and plate.

Oh, and if I am getting this new intercooler, might as well replace the old HKS hard aluminum pipes too, right? The (il)logical and expensive choice naturally is these latest pieces of art offered only by Omori Factory (probably not listed in the usual Nismo catalog).

So yes very pretty, but when you think about it, these pipes are pretty much hidden away, so is it really worth it? I asked about what technical advantages carbon fiber has over aluminum.  I thought that aluminum would act as a heat sink and better allow hot exhaust air to cool off on the way to the intercooler, but it turns out that the opposite is true - carbon fiber does a better job of shielding the air going into and out of the intercooler from the heat generated by the engine and then trapped in the engine bay.

The engine bay BEFORE the install. Arrow points to the HKS silicon joint and the aluminum intercooler piping

So the blue HKS silicon joint is gone, and yes the carbon pipe is visible from the top!

No sloppy welding here! And yes it looks like one day I have to take off the front bumper covers and steam or dry ice clean that bumper frame! 
Have to admit, I was happy to see that the Nismo part sticker is still clean as brand new on the Nismo brace - visible right under the "S" in the printed NISMO.

Here is a close-up of how it looks put together, with the OEM mesh screen.

So those above photos were sent to me during the install.  When I went to pick up the car after the work was completed, I took  second to check out the new corporate signage outside Omori Factory.  This is because earlier this year Nismo (Nissan Motorsports Co. Ltd.) and Autech Japan Inc. merged.  Guess who oversaw that from a legal perspective?

Anyway, the car looked great as usual upon arrival in the garage.

The original OEM intercooler.  Lots of dust and sand fell out while I was examining it.  Sorry Nismo custodians...  

So they haven't thrown it out yet - do you think it can be sold for some more cash? Or should I keep it?

Here are the other parts.  Pretty sure I can sell these HKS intercooler pipes, no problem.

Finally at home.  The white floor makes it easier to make out the new silver colored intercooler and the NISMO logo.

So what's next? Well I think I want to turn my attention on some further interior tweaks. Stay tuned!


SkylineSi said...

Looks great Aki. Hope all is well.

You should be able to still sell the OEM GTR intercooler for some monies. They are easily fitted on GTST models etc as an upgrade as an example.

As for the Mishimoto intercoolers - we have seen that they actually INCREASE the air temp in the UK. kind of defeats the point of an intercooler!

Anonymous said...

Mishimoto parts are almost universally garbage. Their radiators cause RBs to overheat because they dissipate heat worse than OEM.

Aki said...

SkylineSi - ah yes, forgot about that, good point!

To both - I did not know about the increase heat/overheat issue. Wow, that is terrible. Just goes to show you that there is a reason why one should stick to proper brands, that do not try to fool customers with an exotic/Japanese sounding name.

thanks guys!

Anonymous said...

I try to swing by the factory once a month (now only on a weekend as they're closed M-F as you've probably discovered), and I'm hoping against hope that the Omori Factory titanium strut bars that were readily available in 2020 will somehow again be available. 😄 Car looks great with the NISMO FMIC. Like you, I was on the fence about which brand and ultimately settled on the HKS. Hard to go wrong with either choice.

Kanpai, brother.

The Digital Seagul said...

This is one of those upgrades that seems initially like it'll be hidden and not noticed,but to me these are the details that really make a car feel special and to an extent loved. Such a good choice!

Aki said...

Anonymous - agreed, cannot go wrong with either choice!

Digital Seagul - exactly my kind of thinking. Subtle but not really? Lol.

Thanks guys for the comments!


マット said...

Congratulations on the lovely Nismo intercooler!
Any insights as to who makes the new Nismo intercoolers? And weight? How much lighter compared to stock?

Aki said...

Hey Matt

Well cannot say who makes the new intercoolers, other than it's made in Japan. Weight-wise - I was surprised to learn it was about the same as OEM!

Anonymous said...

I wish you took photos into the end tanks of the NISMO intercooler. The ARC ones are a work of art and I am going to go that route instead. That and the ARC radiator.

I also agree w anonymous about the Omori Factory branded Ti bar. I cannot wait for one if they make them again

Aki said...

Anonymous - no doubt, you will not regret going ARC! Yeah I should have huh gotten a look inside, huh. Maybe next time I visit they will open the case up and I can take a look.

I will also let Nismo know about the pent up demand for the strut bar, although I am sure they know... will feedback here when I know!

Thanks for the comment!


Anonymous said...

While you’re at it… tell them to please make the front circuit link pro again for the R32. Please and thank you!

Aki said...

good idea on the Circuit Link pro set - not just for the 32 but 33 and 34 too, right?

Anonymous said...

I think they still make it for the 33/34 just not the 32… us poor 32 owners having to pay up or no parts at all

Aki said...

Ok will mention it anyway!!

Anonymous said...

If you haven't sold your HKS piping I might be interested in purchasing them. I, too l, live in Japan. Currently in US for training mission. I was also thinking of going NISMO intercooler just for an a peace of mind. Just recently I discovered a big dent in my stock intercooler, but I 2ws flying out 2 days later.

Aki said...

Have not sold my I/C piping but I will be in Okinawa for a few weeks - email me at aitoh at and we can arrange it.

Anonymous said...

Are the hks i/c pipes not compatible with the nismo i/c?

Aki said...

of course they are. But they are not carbon fiber!