Friday, May 27, 2022

Damn it! Now what am I going to do?

So as indicated in this previous post, the rear camera feature on this overly complicated and slow-functioned rear view mirror did not seem to be working properly.

Since I am fairly sure it is not a camera issue - how could that break? I figured maybe it was a connection issue, so of course I opened the trunk and looked around near the rear lights where I had wired it up. And then I guess I pulled a bit too hard on the rear trunk trim in trying to remove it, because....


Of course I immediately contacted Ochiai-san at Omori Factory, but he checked and unfortunately this part is no longer in stock and no longer available. Bummer.

So this means I will have to hunt around on Yahoo Auctions to find a used trunk liner piece. Or maybe, I can research how to put the ABS plastic back together enough to recreate the one piece "hinge" feature... Any ideas, anyone???


Anonymous said...

Oh man, that's awful. Have you tried asking Trust Kikaku or similar to see if they have any parts on the shelf you could use?

Anonymous said...

I had very good luck with a little plastic welder on my s30 trim. That with some filling, sanding, texture paint, and interior paint made it look great.

Aki said...

Good ideas, both! Yeah am slowly hunting around here in Japan. No rush, something will come up. But yes, might be good to experiment with plastic welder too!

Thanks guys


Anonymous said...

Buy a plastic welder! Works great for this type of thing.

Aki said...

Wow, I am tempted... just needed something a bit smaller and DIY. will have to research, thanks!