Wednesday, December 30, 2020

A Nice Gesture from a Friend...

So for the last post of the year... here is something that I did not buy, nor was I really even thinking about getting.  My friend "M" knows that I have pretty much all the Nismo/Nissan parts that I could find already installed on my car, so he had to be creative in finding and sending me a small gift. I believe he even consulted "Q" but this was the best the TK department could come up with at short notice.

And here it is:

Thanks to Hannah-chan at TrustKikaku for sending this along...

So I am not sure if I have ever shown you blog readers this, but this Nismo (note, old logo) fuel filler cap is something I installed a long time ago. I recall it was hard to find back then, and I am sure it is super rare now:

For comparison, this is how the one I got sent would look. 
Have to admit it looks better than I thought. More modern, definitely.

Major difference is, the old one used screws to attach to the OEM plastic fuel filler cap, but this new one uses double stick tape only.

Here is another comparison:

So which would you choose? Now, I am tempted to buy another OEM plastic fuel filler cap and install the new one...and swap back and forth just for variety's sake. Unfortunately Blogger doesn't seem to have a polling function, so please leave your thoughts below in the comments section on which one I should use! the last post of the year... thank you to everyone who read this blog, and especially so for those who were kind enough to leave a comment or two.  2020 was definitely a year to remember - I hope everyone and their family and friends are safe and healthy. I am sure I am not alone in hoping that 2021 will be a much better year.  With Tokyo Auto Salon cancelled, not sure what I will be posting first in January, but I have a few ideas.

I hope you all have a nice end of year and Happy New Year!


Darren Witting said...

I also have the old Nismo cap i

The new one looks higher quality in my eyes for some reason. Or whether I just prefer less chrome...

But I think I would also get a second filler cap and keep swapping them out. I still like the older logo. haha.

The Digital Seagul said...

I say go new for a while, plus a new gas cap or at least gas cap o-ring isn't a bad idea

Ahmad F said...

I didn't know there was an older style actually. Thanks for showing :)

I like the new look, I also got one recently and enjoy my fill up time, that little bit more now... :)

Having both would be nice Aki, go for it !

Aki said...

Thanks everyone!

マット said...

The old one fits better, but the new one looks better. I'll choose the new one!
Happy New Year~

SkylineSi said...

new one for me!