Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Another Update Post...

So as many of you now know, I dropped off my at Nismo Omori Factory back in June... and yes it's now the end of July.  So what's going on?

Patience my friends, some fun news is coming soon. However in the meantime, two more photos of my car at Nismo, courtesy of fellow R33 GT-R owner and fanatic "Tomocchio Cavallini" who visited last weekend.

In this first photo - you can see that the hood (bonnet) is open, and it appears a trickle charger is at work.  No doubt the USED Panasonic battery that Nakamura at WORX AutoAlarm installed in my car (while throwing out my perfectly good Optima Yellow Top - WITHOUT asking me!) either can't hold a charge (I always kept it hooked up to a CTEK) or the boys at Nismo left my car sitting around for too long. Hopefully the latter, as I hear it's displayed front and center, visible to anyone who visits the showroom.

Otherwise they just leave it parked in front of other, lesser cars lol...

Check back soon!

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Ken said...

Can't wait for some good updates and write up from you soon Aki. Always enjoyed reading all the things that you wrote here, whether is it related to your BCNR33 or not. The narration is good and enjoyable.