Saturday, August 26, 2017

Interior Modernization Project, Part 16. Center Console Complete!

So just as I teased you last time, Cesar did the same to me - by showing me the center console as a  work in progress but not the completed product.  About a week after he sent me those photos however, he got me REALLY excited by sending me not only photos of the completed center console, but also other various internal pieces.

As he explained, he used one leather hide on these various parts, and the second hide on the main dashboard piece.  Because there were so many photos he sent, however, this post will only show you the work on the center console.

First, how the air vent came out:
Looks OEM!
Even from the side - so clean!
So yes I was happy with how this vent came out. Oh, and as for the question as to how this will be functional - well of course it would! Exactly how, I have some ideas and it will be completed AFTER the entire interior is completed and installed.

If you recall how we decided that the red stitching should be 3mm in length -
From a distance, it looks very good. Subtle against the black leather.
Here you can see how the center console cover stitching lines up to the stitching on the body of the console
View from the other side
Close up of the above. Ok, so not machine perfect but I WANT the handmade look! Oh, it's beautiful anyway.
And the stitching extends all the way to the front of the center console piece.
But the stitching is asymmetric - so NOT on the right side. By design, though.
 What about the inside of the console? Well, this is where SOME of the excess Alcantara was utilized.
Beautiful! Ok so the square corners were tough, but overall came out very nice.
I mean, look at THIS! The stitching, the leather and how the Alcantara is stitched to it. FANTASTIC! Note also how there is leather and Alcantara on the hinge sections and the screws are countersunk in. PERFECTION!
Of course, the UNDERSIDE of the console cover - I wasn't expecting this!
Close up of interior. Wow, it's going to be tough to install anything in there (oops, did I give something away...???)

Anyway, yes for this post I only posted how the center console came out, as Cesar sent me so many photos this would have ended up into a really long, drool inducing post. Stay tuned for me next post where I post the rest of the photos of the other finished interior pieces.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Nissan is going to feature your car at some point. It seems like a fantastic example of enthusiasm for Nissan.

Of course, I'm guessing any mention of how they've become a company that has let their sports cars languish for a decade at a time won't be there, but this is seriously impressive.

Aki said...

Yeah that would be nice, wouldn't it? Except I'm thinking it will give Nismo and other third party tuners too many ideas... which might be good, but I also like being unique so...

Anonymous said...

keep the updates coming! best build in the world!