Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Look What I Found...from the NIssan Prince Tokyo Motorsports Divison Blog

In doing some research on the N1 bonnet and the bonnet lip, I stumbled upon this:

Taken from the Nissan Prince Tokyo Motorsports Division Blog... must have been a slow day, or actually since Koyama-san who writes the blog is a 33 owner himself, must have decided this looks kind of cool...

Actually, I have to agree, a black hood/bonnet DOES go well with the KR4 silver... Obviously after the GETRAG install they were transporting the car to the paint shop to paint the N1 hood.  Nice to see that they add ZERO miles in the process, and use a proper flatbed too!

I'll have more on the hood, and the paint job soon. Before that though, a somewhat BLING thing I added...

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