Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Best Motoring (Keiichi Tsuchiya) Review of the Series 3 GT-R vs. Impreza WRX vs. NSX 3.2

I'm still working on a bunch of posts on the R33 vs. R32 as well as some R33 the meantime your patience is appreciated! 

I had found this video before (and posted it), but lost it when Best Motoring had it removed from YouTube.

But I stumbled upon it tonight, so while it lasts - and yeah the quality isn't great:
Part 1 (to about 8 min):

Tsuchiya reviews the then new Impreza WRX Type R Sti, vs the new 3.2 liter NSX, vs. the Series 3 R33 GT-R (non V-Spec).

Not surprisingly, he loves the NSX (engine power is nice, great brakes, very stable, easier to drive than the previous version), is impressed with the Impreza (very readable, like a well designed FR car).

Compared to older R33 GT-R models, he notes
1) the ABS braking is fantastically good (but the car is heavy... not surprising considering the other two cars)
2) Std car (not V-Spec) is more than enough if you're not always doing track days
3) Can really feel the front sticking to the road - this allows you to read how the rear is moving
4) Unfortunately he notes that the test car, without an oil cooler, shows the oil temp rising very quickly (by the 3rd lap)
5) Fastest of these 3 cars around this track.

In his summary comparison, the Drift King says that the car is significantly improved and of the three cars it's the most stable, and most confidence inspiring to drive at full speed. But yes the oil temp goes up too quickly, car should really have a large oil cooler for track running.

However, the brake balance, suspension balance, as you drive the feeling as its cornering, pointing it into corners, or stomping on the brakes, the GT-R had the best stability of the three.

What follows are a bunch of 0-400 runs, the results of which are obvious from viewing the video.

This second section begins by showing how turbo lag can really affect the GT-R's times (if the race begin at idle versus full revs, clutch drop).

The cars are then taken to Tsukuba for the famous Best Motoring "race" test. The results are again obvious if you view the video - with the lighter cars gaining an advantage over the GT-R.  Naoki Hattori complains that the brakes are weak, for such a heavy car.

Finally, whether those testers would buy each of the seven. Impressions of the GT-R:
Takuya Kurosawa points out that the car is on the edge of oversteer and understeer, depending on whether the turbo is spinning or not given partial throttle. That "delicious" neutral is hard to find and doesn't appear often.

Four of the testers would buy the GT-R; three would not.

Nakaya - (would not buy) If I were to get this, I'd get a V-Spec instead.
Tsuchiya - (who would buy it) retors - buy it on the premise you wouldn't take it to the track. You can have a family of 4 ride in it, no problem. And, a just a "bit" faster than most (family cars). I can't forgive it for being slower than an R32, but it's a "buy."

Ooi - (who would not buy says) Sure I'd buy it if I wanted to drive easy.
Nakaya -  then get a V-Spec.
Ooi - no, then the ride is too stiff.
Nakaya - well that's because the purpose is different.
Tsuchiya: So don't take it on the circuit, as a road car it's a good car!
Gan-san (who would buy): Yeah but the gas mileage is bad!
(everyone chuckles)

Aki comment: given how well known Tsuchiya did not like the R33 GT-R (he bought one after test driving a press car, which was fantastic. His personal car did not live up to that press car's performance after which his opinion soured), I am amazed he had relatively positive things to say about the GT-R.

Again, a few more days and I should be able to begin posting the posts which I have been conducing lots of research for.  Appreciate the patience!!


マット said...

Very interesting comments from the pro drivers! I always like watching these old school Best Motoring videos. How nostalgic!

Shane C said...

Love Best Motoring videos, I just wish I could understand what they were saying!

Thanks for that one Aki, great post.

Tinoush said...

man, bcnr is realy slow in strait line.
cornering and breaking is fine but
power to weight rationot that good.