Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sneak Peek of What's Going on at Tomei...

Turns out DCD was in the neighborhood and so dropped by to check out what was going on with my car. He kindly sent over these photos he took - apparently not only is my car serving as an R&D testbed, but it will be featured in their catalog in the near future!

Love how these Tomei guys protect my car with this blue film

Not sure why the car is up on a lift...

Looks like they shoot photos at night?

I’ll be releasing the official photos on this blog, with a description of what product Tomei has developed, very soon!

Meanwhile, I am enjoying driving the Suzuki Swift Sport! Driving position (despite being Recaros!) doesn’t work for me and the plastics are cheap (but then heck so are the R33s) but really not bad for a small car!

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