Monday, October 24, 2011

Once Again at Tomei Powered...

So I found myself at Tomei Powered again on Saturday morning. My buddy Allen wasn’t there, but his colleague Sakurai-san was there to greet me. He immediately set about inspecting my car for scratches, dings, etc. as Allen had apparently told everyone at Tomei that I was very OCD about my car. Anyway, once I had signed the very rental-car like pre-damage paperwork, they lent me one of their cars (a Suzuki Swift Sport) and I quickly drove home to attend to another event for my kid.

Here is a shot of my car in their garage:

I’m not allowed yet to get into full details yet, but this is related to an earlier link
whereby I had previously left my car in Tomei’s good hands, shortly before the big earthquake here. Anyway, they needed my car for a week, and I am always happy to oblige – after all, the Mine’s engine in my car would not have been possible without certain choice bits from the Tomei catalog!

Here is something I spotted in their storeroom by the way, which I do NOT have on my car! (yet?? lol)

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