Thursday, March 10, 2011

At Tomei Powered... Again!

But this time to lend my car to Allen and his crew for some "testing"... not allowed to talk about it, but he was kind enough to "pimp" me on their website!

Check it out - my car all wrapped up in protective blue film (yes, they loved how clean it was!)

Here's the link so you can read Allen's write up:


Unknown said...

Hey there buddy, been following your blog for a long long time now, I'm here in Australia and I've got an r33 Gtr as well..although it's no where near as good as yours... Anyway just hoping you, your family and the baby are doing ok, you know with the earthquake, tsunami and all. Hope the Gtr is still ok too! Best wishes!! Yaser

Aki said...

Thanks Yaser!