Saturday, November 27, 2010

R32 Group A Replicas at SSCT Trackday

So at the SSCT trackday at Fuji Speedway on Tuesday - more on that on my next post - some of the SSCT members brought along their R32 Group A replicas. Me not knowing anything about these cars, took this as an opportunity to practice my camera skills, as my pro photographer friend Dino had suggested.

Now I had brought my Nikon D90, but I thought it would be better to have a zoom lens, so I brought only the standard kit 18mm-105mm zoom.

I quickly found out of course that this was not wide enough, so I had to take three shots to get all the cars from this angle!

This Taisan replica was interesting...check out that dual side exhaust!

From the top, first a close up of a few cars:

Then tried to get all of the cars.

Then a shot from the rear - the photo is darker as I was playing with the exposure.

The best shot of the day - I sent to Dino for his "analysis" - but he liked it so much he published it on Speedhunters!

Thanks Dino! But judging from the quality of my photos, I think I'll stick with my day job, thanks very much!

Finally - as this is a blog about the R33 GT-R:

While the R32s were getting all the attention, SSCT member and fellow R33 owner HIRAGA-san managed to line up 3 R33 GT-R LM editions - his, Honda-san's (from Nissan Prince), and a new guy (didn't get the name).


Misnblu said...

Wonderful pictures you have of some of my favorite Skylines.
Thank you for the blog and photo's.

Ayasha Kieth said...

You have a great list of pictures. And also I like your blog..

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