Friday, October 14, 2022

Woah! Another Fan Sent Present... Wow, Simply WOW!

 So I am trying to figure out if it's an early Christmas present or a late birthday present, but the other day this arrived and I was very pleasantly surprised!

Obviously, even without trying to decipher the parts number, I see that it's a gold emblem.  But more exciting was not only the old, yellowed label, but the old Nissan logo as well. This is a period correct, genuine piece!

Yep, one of the few OEM or dealer options that I have not collected over the years (and yes, I do not have the rear gold emblem either).  Never thought to get one actually, since my car is silver and I was never convinced that a gold badge would look good on the car.

Here are the instructions:

And of course I had to fit it to see how it looked. Well, I TRIED to fit it because...

Not sure if this is unique to Series 3/kohki grills, or the front grill badge I just happened to have, but you can see that the lower two "pins" are secured with these metal caps.

On the other hand, the gold badge has these clip-like fingers:

Which suggests that this is not a simple swap. I will have to research this... in any case, I couldn't resist seeing how the gold MIGHT look on my car so:

So what do you guys think? Go for the gold or stick with the silver version? Either way I am good, and to those who are about to ask, no I will not be re-gifting or selling this, as it deserves a place of honor in my collection!


Anonymous said...

Nice contrast.. may be it’s time to hunt for a matching one??

Anonymous said...

Are you sure those pins are for the emblem? I’m pretty sure they’re securing the mesh grill in. Give it another look, I’d love to see how it looks installed. Thanks for all the informative info on here too.

Libbrecht Emmanuel said...

Those are just to secure the mesh grill in indeed. The logo just clicks in by the pins.

Cool gift btw!

Aki said...

Ah, you guys are right! Well, the dangers of doing things late at night when tired. Sure, will try to fiddle with it soon to see if I can fit it!

Chris said...

3 clips for the emblem. Press the top one down first and then the sides.

The Digital Seagul said...

I'll be honest, I surprisingly love the gold. It's a good contrast to the rest of the car. I'm not sure if I'd actually run it on the car but I really like it.