Sunday, July 10, 2022

Very cool find on Yahoo Auctions.

In the past I used to be on Yahoo Auctions almost every night - it was quickly becoming an obsession - I am sure many of you understand why. There are some pretty interesting things out there, but unfortunately lately it seems like things that are actually useful for us 33 owners, like rare parts, new and used, are getting to be slight RIDICULOUS, pricing wise.  So now scouring Yahoo Auctions is more like entertainment for me... I guess I am lucky in that my car is running fine and at the moment there is no particular itch I want to scratch...

But of course once in a while I DO take a look.  And just the other day, I found something very interesting.  

So this was described as a 下敷き - shitajiki - which is essentially a thin piece of plastic everyone in grade school here seems to have -  you lay down the plastic on your desk and under your notes so as to provide a smooth writing surface, in case your public school classroom desk just happens to be scratched up  or pock-marked (and they used to be, 75% percent of the time).  They are also useful for studying while on the bus or train, etc.

So first, I was surprised that such a thing existed for the R33.  Usually the shitajiki are plain white plastic, or otherwise featuring your favorite TV/anime character (Doraemon, Ultraman, etc) or pop idol.  So of course since this seller was offering 10 of them, I figured why not grab something unusual, since no one else seemed to be bidding.

Can you imagine sticking this in your bag to provide a writing surface?

What is really cool of course is what is on the back - The History of Skyline!

Don't know about you, but it would be very difficult for me to concentrate and study if I had THIS to distract me at my desk...

So of course these will never be used. But what I am going to do with them, I have no idea... any ideas?

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Gaz said...

I would frame them man, they would look good in the garage and if u got some spares maybe give one to me? hahahaha if ur keen ill reach out to you in Instagram lol