Monday, January 18, 2021

Thank You Trust Kikaku! And Anonymous Fan!

So before the end of the year, a good friend had contacted Trust Kikaku and asked Hannah-chan (who speaks, reads, and writes English!) there to send me the one Nismo part I did not have - the latest fuel cap cover - as I posted in my last post of 2020

As you might have seen from the post, I wasn't sure if I would bother installing this, since the older one was working (and looking) just fine!

Well, looks like one of my readers figured out a way to incentivize me to change out the old cap for the new one.  Because, just 2 days ago, I got this in the mail:

Oh wow, another package from Trust Kikaku!!

And my guess is...

HA! I knew it!! Thanks!!!

Of course, don't want to disappoint the person who sent it. Unfortunately Trust Kikaku did not send me a letter to explain who and how this was being sent. Oh well. 

In any case, I immediately decided to see how the new Nismo gas cap would properly installed on the car.

First, I had to make sure the fuel cap fit!

This was a surprise. I guess 24 years of gas/petrol turns white plastic brown...

No problems at all fitting it!
Actually, this looks pretty good as is. Functional for sure!

Anyway, back to putting the Nismo part on. Look closely and there are these two rubber strips in the box, with adhesive backings, to place on the inside of the handle grip (see green arrow pointing at instructions).

What was strange was, even when using the black strips, there was still a bit of play between the plastic cap and the Nismo cap cover. Not sure if you can see it here as I try to show how it looks centered before attachment using the 3M VHB tape on the sides of the Nismo cap cover.

I think I got it on pretty much on-center!
And then when I put the whole thing on:

Decided to turn it a bit ("click-click") and then compared against the old one.

So my deepest thanks to those who arranged for this, I am very happy with now having the option to switch back and forth!

Now I am pretty sure there are no more Nismo parts I need. But, maybe I should double check the catalog...

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