Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Two More Additions to the Sidebar - both UK Specification GT-R Related! (Part 2)

As promised, I was able to scan in the hardcover binder-type brochure of the UK spec R33 GT-R.  You can see the 4 holes on each page.

Compared to the non-binder type I scanned in earlier, this one definitely features the UKDM model. Click HERE to go directly to the sidebar page where you can see the entire scan.

Additionally, I found that I had, in my collection, the official press release issued by Nissan GB at the time of the car's launch in the UK. Click HERE to read the entire letter and check out the official photos that were also released then.

Anyway, expect more interesting stuff to appear once in a while as I continue unpacking...


Kunal said...

Love that bumper! I managed to score one of the UK spec bumpers from a Club R33 member a few months ago. Goes into paint next week. Best part is the signals are dual lens so you can wire up an extra pair of driving lights or fog lights.

Emil said...

Your welcome Kunal, let me know how it looks when you get it fitted to the car :)