Monday, April 13, 2020

New Addition to the Sidebar Catalog Listing - the UK Spec R33 GT-R (Part 1)

Up until now I really haven't discussed the officially imported UK specification R33 GT-R, because there is so much information out there on it.  For example, Middlehurst Nissan has a nice web page on the car, even to this day. Just a simple Google search away...

But as I continue to unpack (as mentioned in my prior post), I've stumbled across various R33 GT-R related items that I have not yet posted on, including those relating to the UK cars.

For example, I found this.

I scanned the entire pamphlet and added it to the list of catalogs on the right sidebar of this blog, HERE.

What's interesting is that this does NOT show the UK spec model. It actually shows the JDM spec.

Now yes, I know there is a hard bound binder type of brochure as well, which DOES show the UK spec model. I have one. And yes I'll go and upload it tomorrow.


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