Sunday, July 3, 2016

A Most Interesting Visit To Nissan Prince Tokyo...(The Ultimate Garage?)

About a month ago, while still waiting for the Ohlins DFVs on my car to be rebuilt, I got a call from Nissan Prince, telling me that a few more parts that I had ordered for my GT-R had come in.

Now, I knew that I had ordered something, but basically forgot what they were. So, there was no burning desire on my part to visit them. Plus, I'd feel awkward rolling up in the Lexus... but a couple of weekends ago, I had nothing to do, so said what the heck and paid a visit.

Pretty EPIC photo actually... probably have to be a REAL F car to park a Lexus there...
I was pleasantly surprised by what I found there. Despite my 10 years of patronage, I had never seen this kind of line-up:
Where to begin? Check out this line-up!
An R31 GTS,  BNR32, BCNR33, BNR34 (and a V-Spec II too), and a Stagea RS260. All under the same roof, it's like a Nissan fanboy's dream garage!

I love the boxy shape... but then looking closer I saw something under the front bumper...
The GT AutoSpoiler!
So if you want to know why I got so excited with this: Check out from about 0:26 to the end, where they should you the AutoSpoiler in action.

That is just TOO cool....Active aero.... hmm... gives me an idea for my car!!

Oh man that is mid 1980s goodness (except for the nice Nardi wheel there...)! Boxy and square, no airbags!
Yeah yeah ok a V-Spec II. Yawn. Seen several before...
Now THIS is more interesting. I had never seen one up close before, or maybe it's because I have a family now that I'm more sensitive to more "practical" transportation!
And yes of course the 33 had some interesting bits as well:
Note the optional front bumper oil cooler intake/exhaust. 

The 33 had the optional Nissan engine oil cooler and the funky bumper mounted intake and exhaust... on the later cars like mine (the kohki or Series 3 as they are called in English), the left turn signal actually had a built in cut-out, compared to the earlier cars.

Like this:
Note the cutout for air going to the oil cooler that MIGHT be installed on the left side of the front bumper.

Finally, right when I was about to leave, this pulled up:
Not a real Z-tune, but a very good copy.
For some reason the guy left his car idling, stinking up the entire place. I had to roll up the windows in my Lexus as my son was asleep in the back. Oh, and never mind the exhaust particles getting everywhere (and yes on my Lexus' paint...)

So what did I pick up, spare parts-wise?

Just 3 small things...
Stay tuned as I show you what I got, and for what!

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