Saturday, April 5, 2014

R33 Skyline Service Manuals!

The other day I was looking online on Yahoo Auctions Japan when I stumbled upon this:

 What appears to be the entire set of R33 Skyline related service manuals, from 1993 until 1997, including of course the sections for the R33 GT-R.

Naturally, I bid, and amazingly no one else did!

When I got the package a few days later,  I started looking at the contents.

As you can see, there are 5 manuals:
1) (most left in photo) 1993 R33 Skyline service manual, covering both the 2 door coupes and 4 door sedans
2) (middle top, white) 1995 new car technical manual, incorporating all aspects of the R33 GT-R, and any other changes to the rest of the lineup
3) (middle bottom, red) 1996 service manual, all R33 models as listed, showing changes
4) (right top, white) 1997 wiring diagrams
5) (right bottom, red) 1997 service manual.

So the 1993 manual is huge, and contains everything from engines (other than the RB26DETT), to interior, electrical wiring diagrams, etc., for all cars EXCEPT for the GT-R.

1993 Manual, showing the front door glass and regulator in 2 door coupes

The 1995 new car manual is the most interesting, as it has the most information on the RB26DETT as well as other aspects of the R33 GT-R. Recall this was the first year the GT-R was released.

RB26DETT engine block assembly

While the technical aspects of the RB26DETT engine are not a mystery, I bet very few people know the reclining angles of the R33 GT-R seats?

Using the lever, you can recline 20 degrees to the back... and only 14 degrees if you use the knob!

If you want to know the technical aspects of the temporary spare tire:
Interesting that the recommended air pressure for the OEM 17 inch rims is relatively low

This wiper information would have saved me so time during my Bosch front wiper project

And also useful if you want to know the flow rate of the washer fluid, capacity of the tank, etc. 

For those N1 fans, interesting to see here that the N1's washer fluid capacity is only 2.0 liters versus 3.5 liters for all other cars including the sedans, as the N1 did not come with a rear wiper.

Also for GT-R owners, if you want to know what pins do what on the back of your speedometer cluster (I've seen this online before, actually)

Most of these are lamps; the electronic speedometer leads are 16, 22, 17, and 15.

For those of us who tinker with electrical bits as I have with the LED lights projects I did in the past, the wiring diagrams will be useful. Here is the wiring diagram for the Xenon headlamps, found in the white 1997 wiring diagram manual:

I think I only understand the symbol for the battery, lol

I've found the service manual for the RB26DETT in English, online, as well as FAST. But never before have I run across such detail for all other aspects of the car.

So as a R33 GT-R nerd, I'm pretty happy. Now, to begin researching stuff I always wondered about...


Julian said...

My daughter (on Shikoku) just had her Shaken for $400... on a 19 year old Pajero mini. Her boss did arrange it through his local mechanic..
Love the blog - I was looking at R33's in Japan earlier in the year but I'm UK based.

Anonymous said...

Hey Aki my name is michael and i was wondering if you got my email i sent you about these workshop manuals