Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Race Driver Akira Iida and His Preference for R33 GT-Rs!

Just a short video clip where Iida-san takes a modified R33 GTR for a spin at Ebisu circuit, and explains why the R33 is his favorite of the second generation GT-Rs.

Akira Iida, by the way, recently set a new record for lapping Nurburgring in a production car.

Things to watch for in this clip (besides the girl, obviously):
1) What kind of hood/bonnet does this car have? Would it look good on my car? (hint: this is related to some aero ideas I have)
2) Suspension set up. If Tsuchiya is saying that weight transfer to the front isn't happening, are the spring rates too hard up front? I wonder what it is? (I was thinking of having my Ohlins DFVs rebuilt soon...)
3) I thought it was funny that the car has a nice Alpine stereo and separate tweeters up front...

Apologies as this video is not directly related to my car, but it did give me some ideas.

Thanks to Facebook friend Nadz Asyraf who posted this link to the R33 GT-R Facebook page on January 1.

Enjoy! And stay tuned, I DO have some mods coming up soon...


マット said...

I love Best Motoring videos!!

1) Not sure about the make of the hood. It looks like a common design (with that opening on top.) Though it did remind me of the Electra Dry Carbon hood. (Expensive!) http://www.electra-cps.com/e_e_cps.htm On the other hand, I think the double tier rear wing is an interesting design.

2) I think they concluded the understeer and lack of grip up front was due to the manual control of the torque split. Of course, the suspension settings might be a bit too extreme. The spring rates of the Hosaka Tuning Factory R33 GT-R were 18kg from and 16kg rear! I believe stock Ohlins Road & Track DFV have 9kg front and 8kg rear springs. Your set of Ohlins need rebuilding already?

3) I noticed the Alpine stereo head, but missed the tweeters. I only saw a boost gauge on the A-pillar.

Aki said...

Hi マット

Good to hear from you as always. Yeah, looks like the Electra one, but that is $$$. But a 400R one would be even more, I think?

I don't follow how more front wheel drive would cause understeer, unless the front wheels, but having traction, are taking power away from the rear wheels, causing the feeling of less power out back? But he clearly says about weight transfer... so will have to think about this one...

マット said...

Re: Understeer with more front wheel bias of the torque split.
It might have something to do with overloading the front wheels. Other than turning, it also has to deal with the added drive transferred from the torque split, therefore exceeding the tyre's traction limits.

Just like 1st generation Lan Evos, they were permanent 4WD and understeered badly.