Saturday, November 10, 2012

A New Project - an R33 GT-R Toolkit, Part 2

 As I’m not a rich man, I have to buy my tools piecemeal, just like most other people (or maybe if I've been good, Santa drops off a nice set...). Especially when the tools of choice are expensive.

As I posted before, I’ve decided to outfit my car with high grade NePros tools by KTC, arguably Japan’s most famous toolmaker.  Last time I had ordered and received the ratchet wrench, extension, and a few sockets.  This time around, I ordered and received the following:
 Spanners in 8mm,10mm, 12mm, and 14mm sizes, and needlenose pliers.
Gorgeous! I really don’t want to use these tools! But in putting these tools into the KTC bag, I immediately realized that, while the bag itself is nice and compact (see my hand for comparison):
And I have relatively small hands too!
We have a problem – not enough space for the other tools I still want to get!

Yes everything I bought so far fits, but I still need a few more tools...
So this KTC bag idea ends up being short lived. So now, my quest includes a larger bag or case of some kind…one idea that I’m considering would be a small plastic or even aluminum case of some kind. If aluminum, a cheap one as it’s bound to get dinged around.  Either way, in order to keep the tools from moving around would have to have straps or maybe some kind of foam with cutouts in the shape of the tools… help this is getting out of hand quickly!

One idea -with tools that are akin to jewels, or high priced camera equipment, why not have them displayed in a foam lined case? Like this:

I suppose the challenge would be to find the right size aluminum case. And then figure out how to cut foam to fit? What do people think?

And then there is the matter of storage in my car itself. The R35 tool kit is designed apparently to fit into a space below the passenger footwell. So for my car, where to? Just throwing it into the trunk seems a waste, especially with the time and effort to put this kit together...

Next - I will finish getting the tools I think I need, and then decide on what kind of case/bag to go with...(and yes, "carbon" is tempting too...) Stay tuned!


マット said...

It's not a KTC tool bag, but this Snap On tool bag seems to be able to hold more tools, with velcro holding everything in place.

Aki said...

Actually pretty nice! But I will wait until I am done with all getting all of the tools I need, and then I will do some measuring...but thanks Matt!