Monday, September 10, 2012

Visiting Do-Luck…and more ideas…

With the discovery that Do-Luck was literally 10 minutes away from where I live, it was only a matter of time until I paid a personal visit to Ito-san and Orito-san at Do-Luck.

As I had the morning off a few days ago, I decided to make the long overdue visit.

So I pulled up to Do-Luck at 1030 and found Ito-san and Orito-san busy working on a customer’s car. For those who have never been to a Japanese tuning shop, Do-Luck was pretty much like some of the smaller shops I’ve been to, like Mine’s and Robson.

I took some iPhone photos, but actually, Dino’s post on Speedhunters does a better job so here is the link..

I did manage however to get a close look inside at Ito-san’s Impreza, which was parked outside:
Check out the buckskin interior! Hmm... 

As well as their R34 democar that was up on the lift (amazing what ideas you can get from looking up, underneath!) Aluminum driveshaft, anyone? Ito-san claims they are better than the carbon fiber ones as they are more likely to be balanced properly.  Hmm… 

And here is the dyno room: 

After Ito-san gave me the quick tour, I inquired about one additional item that I had begun to become interested in after my experience with the Nagisa Auto brace, Do-Luck’s own Floor Support Bar.

Again with my research showing that the main mechanical difference between the R34 and R33 GT-Rs was body rigidity, this is one area I am definitely interested in improving. At the moment, I’m not convinced of the benefits of spot welding or injecting body stiffening foam, given the cost and possible rust issues. So for now, will keep doing my research, but was nice to see the Floor Support Bar up close!

Anyone out there with any experiences, good or bad, with body stiffening foam?


マット said...

What did Ito-san say about his Floor Support Bar? Was he able to convince you to purchase a set for your BCNR33?

At one point, I wanted to use urethane foam to fill the side sills, but after reading the horror stories from Kanazawa Body Repair (check out his blog!) I was convinced not to put that stuff in my car! Although body rigidity improved, rust is too big a compromise.

If I remember correctly, Nissan used urethane foam to fill a strengthening beam on the C-pillar of the BNR34. But of course, the C-pillar doesn't collect water like the side sills do, so rust is less of an issue.

And speaking of side sill strengthening, Kanazawa Body Repair reported on using the BNR34 side sill design on a BNR32. The BNR32 side sill has only the inner and outer panels that make up the side sill, whereas the BNR34 has an extra reinforcement panel in between. Obviously, this modification is serious surgery, not everyone will be willing to have that done on their car!

There are some interesting facts in the R34 Perfect Book by GT-R Magazine, if you haven't already read that!

Aki said...


Exactly right. That's what I've seen/read/heard about too. So yeah will probably be exploring the C-pillar idea, as well as the Do-Luck idea, and also spot welding (have to research it).

All I know is that my various body stiffening efforts have made my R33 much more fun to drive, so I am beginning to wonder if too much stiffening is a bad thing? LOL