Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tsukuba Circuit Track Day with SSCT

What a scorcher! It must have been one of the hottest days of the year! Although my friend Alex (who kindly volunteered to accompany me, and be photographer for the day - although he WAS researching the track for his eventual run in the future), arrived at the circuit at 0715 - a bit early - it was already hot. By the time I drove and finished, I had changed my shirt three times!

Ran with SSCT, did two 25 minute runs.

Anyway - I think I will let the photos that Alex took, tell the story. Enjoy!

Welcome to Tsukuba Circuit - 40 years old! (SSCT is also celebrating their 25th anniversary)

The famous Dunlop curve

Some other cars were running before we got there:

Here I am getting my car ready:

Meanwhile, Alex had spotted this other 97 GT-R, sporting Advan RS in the dark metallic black

View of the pits

The Other Machines

Taped Up and Ready To Go!

View of the chicane leading to the first hairpin

View of chicane, first hairpin, and Dunlop corner

Coming down the chicane

Attacking the first hairpin

Here I am followed by the 2 replica R32s

Powering up after the first hairpin

Getting lined up for the second stint!

On the back straight

Going through the Dunlop corner

I guess I could have been more aggressive...

Oops, too much roll, gotta get the suspension a bit tighter.

Alex - thanks for taking these awesome photos!!!

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