Sunday, October 9, 2016

Titanium Bolts Engine Cover Dress Up Project (Part 2)

So as I described in yesterday's post, we (ClubR33) had ordered custom titanium bolts for the engine's Rb26 front cam cover, the CAS, and the coil pack cover - some 18 bolts in all.  In "burnt blue," "nitride gold" and "nitride black."

Of course, as I send out the bolts to the ClubR33 members who ordered, I wondered how the bolts would look on my car. So I took advantage of a rare break in the rain and took the follow photos. Enjoy!

Installation Examples:
Burnt blue coil cover bolts
The bolt on right has "ClubR33" laser engraved.
Here is a close up
Nitride Gold
Frontal shot
Better shot to see the coilpack cover bolts
Close up of laser engraving for Nitride Black bolts

Here you can see the OEM bolts (circled in red) vs the black titanium bolts.
So which do you like the best? For some reason, I am drawn to the black ones. Understated, but with purpose. The gold is too flashy for me, but I think of the 3 colors I like them the best (overall finish, and color quality).  The burnt blue is attractive, but honestly the coloring is quite susceptible to scratching (not important under the hood, really), and the coloring is not consistent (actually that is good, no one will have the exact same set) and so for someone with OCD like me, sticking to a solid color may be the way to go. I guess I will just have to experiment...

Weight Savings!
And of course, for those who may be skeptical of the whole exercise, these bolts DO have a practical purpose. Being titanium, they ARE lighter than the steel bolts they replace.

So a 26 gram weight savings for the RB26 cam cover
Since there are 12 bolts in total, we would have 9x3 = 27 grams of weight savings

And 3 of these on the CAS. So 5x3 = 15 grams of weight savings.

So in total, we would have 26 + 27 + 15 = 68 grams of weight savings! LOL. As you can see, no one can deny that they do not have an actual purpose, although I am sure there are more cost effective ways to drop weight from the front of the car!

What do you guys think?


Darren Witting said...

These look great! I can't wait to get my black ones fitted :D
The weight loss isn't a huge amount but surely saying you have Titanium bolts is worth +5hp? Haha!

Aki said...

Hey I think we are just getting started! Exclusivity is key for these cars! Thanks for the comment and your support!

SkylineSi said...

they look great Aki - black would be my preference also. Is ClubR33 just for GTRs or open to fellow GTST owners?

Aki said...


The Club is open to anyone with interest in the r33 GTR. We have many members who own other vehicles.
If you are on Facebook find me and message me your email and I will add you to the Club.

Sam lau said...

Is this club for 33 only? How about r32? :)

Aki said...


No, we DO have 32 and 34 owners in the Club, who desire to leave their brethren behind so as to associate with us god-like 33 owners.

Seriously, for anyone who appreciates the RB26 GT-Rs and who doesn't have to go around proving one model is better than another, I think you will find it to be a great place full of great people. We swap ideas, stories and ideas all the time.

If you'd like to join us, like I said to Simon, find me on Facebook and I'll add you.


Unknown said...

Nice Aki,

Go the Black bolts, very nice, makes the bay look tough and clean. That would be my choice.

Your 33 is superb by the way. Took me years to find the S3 I wanted here in Aust and they're still the best GTR out there to me. Just tough as nails and serious performance. I find those who are caught up in the GTR legend will like any of the three, whilst those who have experienced them and want performance seem to go for the R33. The fact that it's the performance pick was a bonus as I just love the way they look too out of them all.

Keep up the great posts.


Aki said...

Jayel - many thanks for the kind comments! I'll have to look you up next time I'm in Australia, hopefully you will be close by. Glad to see you agree with my assessment of the car!

Hope to have some more posts soon...


Unknown said...

Absolutely Aki,

Beer is on me. Nice to see someone actually put some real data behind the R33 as a choice.

Unknown said...

Hello aki I am your blog recently, which is great. Possessor recently of a r33 gtr 1995. the club interests me very much. How to reach him?

Aki said...


Congrats on your ownership of the 33. If you are on FB, let me know your email address and I will send you a link to join.


Unknown said...

My mail is

Chris Collins said...

It seems you have gone one step further on this one which is fantastic Aki!
I started out measuring the bolts in my engine bay yesterday and whilst searching found your posts from 3 years back!
Until recently I had been focussing on subtle handling improvements to go with my MeisterR's and your blogs have been extremely interesting and inspiring, leading to some of the decisions I have made!
I really liked the fact that the bolt supplier had replicated the bolts used originally, and would love to know if they are still avaialable? I checked the club store but its sold out? Will you be getting more soon?
Also, i couldnt tell by the pictures, but does that also mean that you can still use the original rubber washers?

I too have been working through ProBolts catalogue for the remaining bolts, its quite a basket you can build isnt it! ha

Also, could you add me to the facebook group? my email is

Aki said...

Chris, thanks. Find me on Facebook and show me your 33!