Friday, September 23, 2016

Hakone Run with Friends... and What I Learned

By now you've likely seen my latest Speedhunters post of my trip to Hakone with friends following getting the car protected with paint protection film; to me in addition to having fun, I was appreciative that my friend Dino showed me how to "shake down" the car and analyze its driving dynamics.

Thanks to his experience and skill, as I mentioned in the Speedhunters article, I now know how the Mine's VX-Rom tune is old school - there is the flat spot upon acceleration, lack of ignition retardation when coming off throttle, and too much turbo drop between shifts. Never mind the excess fueling that causes everything to run rich, for the sake of cooling off the cylinders.

The Ohlins DFVs are superb; with Speedhunters being sponsored by another damper manufacturer obviously I couldn't list the brand, but those of you who also read this blog know how good these DFVs are.

There was one other item I didn't mention in the article due to space.  The brakes felt like there was a lack of vacuum assist - both when cold and after warmed up - so I am wondering if there is either a fluid problem, excessive brake pad wear, or if a larger master cylinder is required after all. This, I will have to investigate further.

Obviously I did take some photos, but since I'm generally a terrible photographer, most of the good ones I took ended up on the Speedhunters article.  Luckily, my friend Russ is a naturally talented photographer and he was kind enough to share the following photos.

So taking photos from different angles (like on your stomach) can be good I guess!

Here I had just noticed one of my backup cameras dangling due to double stick tape failure.

Here is Miguel's 2002 Honda VTR SP2. Simply awesome, many tasty bits!

And yes, the sound was phenomenal! LOL.

Also, be sure to check out the other photos Russ took during the road trip, on HIS blog.  Thanks again Russ, it was great to see you and catch up!

Anyway, in my article I hinted at dealing with something that had always bothered me ever since I bought the car. I do have some other stuff I need to do first, but stay tuned as I may decide to jump right into this big mod!

(actually, truth be told I drive my IS-F more, and having just been given a GS-F for the day I'm itching to do some mods immediately to the Lexus... uh oh...)


Jason said...

Hi there,

I am looking for a kit that keeps the 4 rear lights on permanently.
Is there a kit you recommend please?

Thanks in advance,

Aki said...

Hi Jason,

Not sure I quite understand - if you mean all 4 lights light up DURING braking, it's just a matter of changing out bulbs for dual filament and rewiring the inside lights accordingly. But if you have a Series 1 or 2, this is what happens normally, anyway. So I am not sure if there is a kit out there per se.

Thanks for the question,


Nomake Wan said...

Hello there, I just got caught up reading every post from your DTM-II initial install forwards and confirmed that you never actually wrote up your impressions of the device in detail, such as while at a track day or out in the mountain roads. Would you be able to perhaps go into some detail about the DTM-II, your preferred setting, and how it seems to perform versus stock ATTESA ET-S in serious racing/driving conditions? I've been looking for good performance reviews of devices such as the DTM-II and ETS-PRO from actual end-users for a while now and hope you can shed some light on ATTESA-modifying devices such as these. Keep that R33 looking and running great!