Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Moment Of Silence...

This morning on Facebook I learned that one of the biggest fans of the R33 GT-R, Alexander Gorodji, had suddenly recently passed away.

Many of us, myself included, never had a chance to meet him in person, but his legacy will live on in this:

If you haven't read it yet, highly recommended. One of the few books/articles out there that doesn't denigrate the R33, or in fact any of the cars - it's written properly, meaning that it shows how awesome each of the GT-Rs were for their particular era.  Written by a true fan of all the cars, I think.

Sean Morris also has more information about Mr. Gorodji here.

Rest In Peace, fellow R33 Otaku.


Ibo Nibo said...

Wish support for his family.

A truely amazing book.
Of the 3 big english GTR books, this one is definitifly the best one. At least for me.

aquila4889 said...

Yeah I have that book, and can recommend it, particularly how it explains the attesa e-ts system and HICAS, it provides a good base level of knowledge. Ibo Nibo, what would the other 2 big english GTR books be?

Ibo Nibo said...

The others are:
"Skyline-The Ultimate Japanese Supercar" by Andy Butler


"Nissan GTR Supercar- Born to race" by Dennis Gorodji

But now after glanzing again over the books, I think the book I most enjoyed was Andy Butler's one, followed very closely by Alex Gorodji.
The last place goes to Born to race, which still is a nice book, but doesn't come close to the 2 others.

Unknown said...

Hi I was wondering if you could help me with some id questions about a tk rl spec r33 vspec that I am about to purchase, I wrote to you earlier but not sure if it worked, my name is Keith and I'm from Australia

Aki said...

Ibo and Aquila, thanks for the posts and comments as always!

Keith I did not, what is your question? Btw did you try posting to the R33 Skyline Facebook page? I'm an admin there but there are other more knowledgable people there too

Unknown said...

Hi Thanks for your reply, my questions are, is there any other way to verify a tommy kaira apart from the build plate. The skyline I am about to purchase has the following mods; momo quick release steering wheel, nismo cluster, twin plate clutch,bigger intercooler, oil cooler, extra gauges, nismo quick shift, n1 turbos, as far as I know this is accurate add ons for a tommy kaira. My next question is the car doesn't have a Japan blue chassis plate, this isn't uncommon I've heard as they are only fixed in place using plastic screws , but can you reorder a new one? One more question, can you trace the tommy kaira build and serial numbers back to find out what changes were made originally from tommy kaira, i have tried to find a tommy kaira site but nothing just a redirect. Any info to help us greatly appreciated, thanks again for your time. Keith

Unknown said...

I will look into the Facebook site you suggested too

Aki said...

Keith - check out this video of a real TommyKairaR:

Notice the instrumentation - if the car is a real TK car, there is absolutely no reason to switch out the gauges for Nismo ones. All the mods you list are pretty much what most people do to their R33s.

you can try to order a new blue plate (which, if removed, I would be very suspicious of - why remove unless it's hide a car that's been stolen?) but Nissan in Japan would have you prove you owned the car BEFORE the plate was lost.

As for TommyKaira, the company from back then I believe was reorganized so it's probably not the same company now.

There are many more knowledgable people than me, you should join the Facebook page and start asking questions. Good luck!