Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fuji Speedway with SSCT!

Final SSCT (Skyline Sports Club Tokyo) Track day of the year. A bit chilly, but sunny!

It had been awhile, and last time I ran with them back in May, not only was it raining heavily, one of my intercooler hoses slipped off, ending my session after only 2 laps!

My best time of the day was 2'03". Here it is, on video:

Shortly before this, I was following my friend Alex in his gunmetal gray R32. His first time ever at Fuji, I think he did a great job, despite this little incident.

Some photos of me and my car:

Getting ready:

On the track (thanks to Miguel/Morgana for that great shot!):

Came back in one piece afterwards, backed up to park:

Only to have someone point out that I was dragging one of my brake cooling hoses. Upon inspection, almost completely torn off!

And the wheel glass coating really works well, was able to simply wash off most of this dust:

Some other photos here:



Eu Jin said...

That's a mighty nice pic of you passing by the main straight.

Aki said...

Thanks man! It's my new wallpaper at work! Nice blog you got there...

Eu Jin said...

Aki, yours is a wonderful blog too mate. Just saw the videos. Great driving!