Saturday, December 6, 2008

Lightning Strikes Twice?

Last week going to the Nismo Festival, my car developed an oil leak from one oil lines going to/from the turbos. Turned out to be the front one this time, last year going to the Nismo Festival, the car developed an oil leak from the oil feed line for the rear turbo. Nissan Shinagawa Motorsports called me yesterday to tell me the bad news - that this would necessitate removal of the rear turbo to access the front side tubes. And thus more money and time.

Ok, so here's my rant - as you all know I had a new engine put in by Mine's last year. Why didn't they bother to switch out those lines then? They don't cost much, the engine was out of the car, and these oil lines are considered to be consumables. Instead, they re-used the old ones - which are 10 years old... it's common sense that this kind of thing would happen.

I have other rants about Mine's as well, including their spectacularly bad (even by US or European standards, I think) customer service, but I'll save those for another date. The car won't be ready until next Wednesday - I'm hoping to be able to drive myself to Daikoku for the last gathering of the year, but we'll see.

PS - this is my first post on Blogger - I'm going to try to transfer all of my entries from my old account to this blogspace. This may take awhile, so in the meanwhile see

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