Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Photos from Sunako-juku LAST LESSON at SportsLand Yamanashi

Belated, yes. But these photos (taken by our new friend Ville) are absolutely worth it.


Click, then click again on this photo to enjoy in full size - my new PC desktop background!

Backside - nice angle!

Blue painter's tape. Thanks Paul! (but it looks like a Cylon) Yokohama A050 S-tire.

Check out how the front splitter is ALMOST touching the tarmac. Well, Sunako-san DID say we should brake into the corners...I need new springs, S-Tune is too soft!

How I took the last corner:

How Sunako-san took it:

Coming up the straight:

This photograph is awesome in my opinion. Shows the speed!

Thanks Ville! All Photos Copyright 2008, Ville V.

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