Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Repainted my lower lip spoiler!

Some background - when I first bought the car, I didn't notice, but the previous owner had painted the lower lip spoiler - poorly, but in an attempt to hide some fading and scratches. Didn't really mind then, but then after a few track days it began to look much worse:

The underside of the spoiler had also seen better days - this is what happens because the car is so low and I hit a couple of speed bumps/high curbs:

So, I figured - I've painted model plastic cars before, I can paint this piece of plastic...

The first step was to remove the lip spoiler, a relatively simple job. Just a bunch of bolts.

The car looks so wimpy without this one piece of plastic! Amazing...

I then had to prep the bumper to be painted. This involved removing old paint, sanding down, applying primer, then painting. I used flat black paint, followed by a few coatings of Toyota 202 gloss black paint (in an effort to replicate the black plastic semi-gloss sheen). And yes, I did everything but the painting in my small Japanese apartment living room (on the ironing board).

Here is the result. Looks pretty good, but this was not to last... (see June 4 post)

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